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will it fit?

  clio 1.2
hi all i was just wondering if the speedo and rev counter etc will fit from a higher spec like a 16v in to my 1.2 vers as it does not have a temp gauge or rev counter on mine??

if it will wot does it require other than the clocks?

cheers all as im a newbie 2 the clio world
  Never above 25mpg
Yeah the clocks will fit but you will need an extended dash if you want to use the oil, water temp gauges :)
  Mk1 Clio F4R'd
So a dash with no rev counter can be taken out and replaced with a rev counter dash too? and what about the 3 other gauges on the valvers?

thought i would just extend this thread
  Mk1 Clio F4R'd
OMG, i love mk1 clio's. So i can now add plasma dials and use my valver dash and also adding elec. windows. GET IN!!

cheers mate
  BMW M135i
Isn't that simple unfortunately, unless its got a valver/willy lump in it there aren't any senders for oil pressure/temp. Level will be there if the cars an RT with the oil level gauge in the standard clocks. Also the rev counter will/may require a feed running from the coil as it won't/may not be in the original loom.
  Mk1 Clio F4R'd
Very basic car, so doubt has any of it. Owel, was excited for a while lol

cheers for the info though