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  172 cup , 197 cup
Hello ,thinking of buying a S/H 197 engine as a spare . Does anyone know if the head and cam would work / fit with my 172 on remapped std ecu .Thanks .
Gearboxes are different.

1*2 use a jc 5 gearbox

197 uses a TL4

So you'd need to do a full engine and box swap.

Not sure if the head will fit but if you fit the full 197 engine (which will make your 172 ecu redundant you'll need the 197 wiring,ecu etc...).

You may as well try and squeeze the megane 230 (F4RT engine and ND0 box) in for the hassle of fitting the 197 and the marginal gains it will give.

F4RT with ND0 box for all intents and purposes wont fit (and before anyone says it, yes Fred got one in but never got it running)

As for fitting the head etc to a none 197 F4R block, I couldnt say. I would imagine it would fit th block, but if it would fit the bay and if it would run on a 172 ECU i doubt.
"Fred got one to fit" LOL

But on a serious note there is the feasibility of fitting a 182 head to the F4RT bottom end, this would allow you to run the ktec manifold, GT series turbo, aswell as allowing you to retain the original engine mount.

The problems start when trying to squeeze the long gearbox in there and having to fabricate a suitable mount (admittedly the photos Fred posted do look as though there quite near but unless you have it in front of you you'll never know)

Other problems are the hydraulic clutch, cable operated shifter, and custom drive shafts.

All in anything is possible an RTOC lad has a 225 lump in his 5 which has a much smaller bay than a clio.

It's all about how much money your willing to spend.

  172 cup , 197 cup
Thanks for answers .What it boils down to is I was about to have head work on the 172 carried out plus maybe cams , which will run to the price I can buy the 197 engine for .I figured if I could use the head and / or cams for this project I could keep the block spare for my 197 if I need it . This is presuming the 197 head is further developed ??