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Will the RSTuner appreciate my mods?

  Trophy #392
I am having a couple of mods done (matched inlets, decat exhaust system, Engine Dynamics cams) is there a map where it will accompany my mods?
cheers for any help
  Fiesta ST-2
Yes you need to run the perfomance analyser and send the file to henk who will make changes and send you a revised map, this process is repeated up to 8 times I think.
  Fiesta ST-2
Put your vehicle weight in and put it in 3rd gear it'll record the data once you put your foot down or after 2k revs I think. Like a rolling road test sort of.
  "Navy" N17 TWO
Ahh, what if you have stuff in the boot, ICE installed or passengers (EVEN YOURSELF) etc do you have to count that? :eek: