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willy vs GTi-6

  mk2 172

not much tio say really, had a few plays with one earlier and they are pish to beat thought it would be close, had to back off more times.


Hi Craggs M8

sometimes, its not the gun, its the gunner..

but its your bloody fault I am turboing this sucker !.

hee hee...

(ps.. all bow to craggys rocket ship )

is everything ok since yer encounter with missed gearchange and 9000 rpm dood ??.


hail Saturn 5... u da man !
  320d M Sport

Craggy, where the hell do you find all these victims? Must be the roads near you bringing out the Schuey in people?
I wouldnt be surprised if your Willy could beat one, it pretty damn quick...or is it rubbish now that dont seem able to change gear any more???

  mk2 172

he he, it does feel pretty rough, but seems to go well though, although im not sure its at full potential. just had a play with a woman in a lancia integrale, i think it was the evo one too, bright yellow with big flared arches and i could swear i was gaining from 30-90, we had a rolling start.


i encountered 1 once he undertook me on M40 so i had to blag it past him as he called me a w*nker at the services - he was 3 up and i was with the other half had to correct him that i was not a w*nker but a fat b*****d who had whoopped him

Well having owned 2 GTI-6s all i have to say is that the phase 2 one felt quicker than the phase 1 that i had (also pushing out 177bhp in standard form )
What alot of people seem to forget is that this engine is VERY tunable it is also detuned by over 30bhp as 200bhp isnt a problem, that includes for the brakes, gearbox and clutch
On the road there probably wont be alot in it with a williams, i know i had a blast against one when i had my phase 2, it was close but it is down to the driver, also the GTI-6s gearbox has a few advantages over the somewhat clunky gearbox and the lighter clutch in the pug is much better than the renaults (it took 1 test drive of 10mins and id bought a 306 GTI-6... that says something after 4 yrs of renault 19 16v ownership!)
The 306 pulled great from down low, and im talking 25mph in 4th here! and the midrange is good too! but it didnt get the best hot hatch crown for nothing when it won it in the mid-late 90s, it did it because it was worthy


The Gti-6 is a great car and im not under estimating them Just that I think I raced a slow one today cause I was able to keep up with it with 4 people in the car. While a few months back I could only just beat a S16 , must of been a good one



ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d

TB1 -

The GTi-6 actually has 167bhp mate, not 177bhp.

Still a quick car though and seems to be overlooked by a lot of people nowadays.

Best thing about the 306 is the superb chassis and brilliant handling that makes them such a good drive.

Me Phase 2 was rolling roaded in standard form at 177bhp, 147bhp@wheels
I know they have 167bhp std but some are not quite as good as others for some reason



ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d


Yeah, I know all about some of Mr Peugeots engines making more power than they should do, as I had one!

My old 106 GTi was totally standard except for a Pipercross induction kit and I had it rolling roaded twice at 2 different places, both times it made way more power than it should.

It ran 141.3bhp @ fly and 112.9bhp @ wheels, running on Optimax last time out, so I was very happy.

When I got it originally I knew it was faster than it should be as I had a couple of mates that also had them.

Ive heard of other cases of this too.