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window tinting

I live in Essex and want to get my windows tinted, can anybody recomend a good place that is quite cheep but do a good job.

  320d M Sport

i think hell get pissed off, but I so wanna put this:

It makes your windows darker so it does:D

Best thing to do is just get as many recommendations for a company as you can...
  2012 WRX Waggon

Anyone in the N/West looking, I used a guy from Rochdale - He did my Honda CRV for 200 quid - He has his own unit set up just to do window film, he even uses filtered water to prevent contamination when washing the glass.

Cant remember his name, but if your interested give Pennine Honda in Rochdale a ring, they use him for showroom stuff.

He does a really good job.