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Window tints

Im thinking of getting my rear 1/4 windows tinited on my Cup.

Has anyone done this?

What kind of tint looks good? I dont want to look like a drug dealer.

Should I get the fronts done or will just the rear 1/4s do.

Anyone know a decent firm in Hull or East Yorkshire?


Well first of the car is tinted medium already? At least the one in my local showroom has them, its a darker shade to mine (1.2 clio). The problem with getting just the rears done is that it might look like a van! Id stick with what youve got mate! Though supaglass might be an idea for cup owners.

Its the protective film, the one which takes hammer blows without smashing. Also useful if you roll it on a track, or even on the road. You can get it tinted as well.

i have lots of pictures of my clio tinted. i have 20% tints, thats one shade darker then legal:eek:. if any one wants pics, give me your e-mail address. or some one host them for everyone to see

Tints look good on any car scott! Why do you think every car manufacturer tints their car windows in the adverts!


mine is darkest on the back window, then lighter in the rear two and lightest in the front.

Medium tint was just the name given by the company that done it for me.

The darker you go the better it looks in my opinion. However my tint allows for good visability and you dont get any hassle form the cops.

Get it dark as you like, depends on your taste.