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Windy today!

  Megane 225
And the Trophy is a bit scary on the bypass in those conditions isn't it!! More than any other car I've driven anyway. Mildly unstable..
was flying down the m1 and all of a sudden the valver changed lanes by itself.

wind didnt have much trouble moving 900kg of valver over. lol. fooking scary!!! went over the woodhead pass from manc to sheffield. That wasn't too much fun today either with that wind.
  Clown Car
You should try driving an artic with a 16 foot high trailer, when you get hit by a very strong wind side on it feels like you have been hit with a wrecking ball.
  LY V6 with Recaros
I've never noticed that im mine, my other cars seem to have been much worse than the clio.
  RS Clio 172 Ph1
Yeah I noticed it this morning along the bypass, thought something was wrong with the steering for a second or two. Had a Celica GT4 before this and it's a completely different beast in the wind, steady as a rock.