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Wolf in sheeps

  Clio v6

Had a wee race with what looked like a bog standard Escort last night. Had the road been long enough he would have had to pull over and let me get past him, but up until about 120 he managed to stay in front, that was about his max I was sure.

He annoyingly kept in the fast lane. A roundabout was approaching and then he suddenly moved into the left lane and turned off.

If you are the driver of a red 172 who we zoomed past, then yes you where right if thinking that a Clio V6 was having great trouble keeping up with a plain old Escort.

What the hell do they do to them to make them so freakn fast!!?! :confused: It must be horrid drving that V6 at times Dash.. With it being a highly rated sports car, everyone must want a pop at you. He must of spent the whole day blagging about how he pissed a V6.. :mad::(

Atleast with the valver, if i get beat, its like water of a ducks back.. but if i was to get out done in say a clio v6, i cant help but think my pride would be some what damaged. not to mention beaten by an escort!! :eek: (willy owners must feel the same)

The whole "wolf in sheeps clothing" thing is the way forward...

yeah i might strip my cup down of the badges! put a 1.2 badge on the side! ;)

Will be a shock for a few peeps!
  Clio v6

I totally agree DannyBoy I would love a bog standard Skoda ( V12 twin turbo ) but I cant think what my V6 would look like stripped down Ewwwwwwww !

lol, wonder how many people have thought the smae about mine. Then get blitzed by a knackered lookin standard clio

ive got a 1.6 clio, and the the badges say 1.6 16v on the side of the car, me mate s got some of the 1.2 badges that just say 16v i dont know wether to put them on to embrass some vtrs

You can tell a cossie a mile off - badges or not.. its just so a Cossie from every angle. heh.

Maybe it was a 1.3 Encore with a Cossie Engine :)


I once had trouble with a escourt RS turbo, on the straight he was much faster but on the corners he was no where

Pulled up a the lights against a battered sierra hatchback badged as a 2.0 GLS. he had a big exhaust so i htought i would show him whos boss, lights went green and with a very big cloud of black smoke he fired past:oops:. spoke to him later and he had dropped in a cossie lump.

Quote: Originally posted by PaulRobo on 04 February 2003

lol, wonder how many people have thought the smae about mine. Then get blitzed by a knackered lookin standard clio
Are you in London? I only as because I once had to work hard to keep up with a green clio that definitely wasnt a valver on the A406 heading towards Edmonton...

I know atleast 2 escorts that eat v6s and ones only an 1800 oh and a metro that will eat pretty much everything this side of a lambo :D

Mabe it had nitrous fitted,this would explane why after he got to the roundabout he darted off because he knew he wouldnt be able to repeat his performance.

I know a guy with a Saab 9000 Aero racing with a BMW 730i on the highway,

the 730i just left him!.

Afterwards they met in a service station, he asked how the guy modified the 730i...cos its f**king quick.

the driver of the BMW 730i just replied " I changed the badge from 750i to 730i."

best and cheapest mod u can spend.

yup they are mad there is one owned by will gallop with twin turbos pushing out 750bhp used for hill climbing. there are a few 6r4s that get preped around the corner from here in a relative of mines garage its so nice to see this car on the road hehe the noise and everything is fantastic :D

Dash you are a Southend regular arnt you - was this where you raced this escort??

If so i raced a silvery grey 1.6 Ghia (badged!) old skool (RS turbo age!) escort with exhaust and clear rear clusters!

All i heard was the dump valve from 1st to 2nd AND HE WAS GONE!!!!

Wonder if it was the same one you raced??