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worth it


ClioSport Club Member
  ST 225, PH1 172

Well itll make your Cup roar really loud, especially with little sound proofing. But as for performance, itll probably make no difference.

Do not fit a conical filter in your engine bay - it will loose power - the airbox on standard cars is sealed for a reason! Get a viper or BMC or a custom carbon fibre box made or replace your panel filter with a Green Grp N one - I fitted mine at the weekend and i guarantee my Cup has more power now than the same one fitted with a conical filter sucking in warm dirty air!

Might leave it then an go for the Green panel filter, just a bit worried about the lack of layers on the Green panel:confused: I had a specially made ITG panel filter made for my coupe and the quality was superb and that had 4 layers.

If I was you Reth, go for the ITG. The green filter in a groupN item, so maximum flow=less filtration! Not good

Did ya ITG change the induction note?

Nope the induction note didnt change a bit, but the lumpy idle changed to being a bit smoother also put in bosch super fours which helped the idle aswell.

Norfolk-172, dont mean to be a pain but how much was the panel and any part code so i could order one.

Cheers Gareth.

"Reserve not yet met", you won´t get it for 25.

I highly recommend K&N, I just fitted a K&N 57i induction kit to my Clio 172 and it roars like a lion:cool: and there is noticable gain in performance

The filter I got is a grp N one - but th3e Green filter is for the road car - thats basically what ur doing when u replace a panel filter with a green or pipercross etc - your fitting a Grp N spec filter ! Whether it says Grp N or not the simple fact is its a grp N for use in grp N competition! And the 2/3 layers that it is will not wreck your engine BTW! Its freer flowing and less restru=ictive and thats a good thing - have you seen the size of the filter the 172 Mk2 comes with a big ornage crap paper thing like it should be fitted to a hoover! The Green filter is 1/4 of its depth - more airflow and equal filtration!

Quote: Originally posted by CUPSIZE? on 18 March 2003

have you seen the size of the filter the 172 Mk2 comes with a big ornage crap paper thing like it should be fitted to a hoover!

Hmmm decisions decisions, might wait for some feedback on the ITG panel filter from Norfolk_172 if he would be so kind to.;)

no prob Reth its WB351

£43.48 including VAT & Delivery

The 57i will sound good, but dent ya performance, loads of hot air now being sucked in!

I would of thought the only way to increase air flow was to make the filter medium less restrictive, hence less filtration?

Ill let ya know what I think, sure there will be no perfomance gain, but the quality should be top class and save on replacement Renault items.

It should out perform a older standard filter, there supposed to have a very good flow pattern even when loaded with dirt?

Ill let ya all know.

Sure the engine is suckin in hot air when the car is not moving but as soon as you go the engine room fills up with colder air. The old intake points at the filter as does the new so there is a lot of cold air when you´re on the run.

But you just got to hear the sound, its so cool. I feel like Im racing a Porsche GT1 when Im driving:D

I had one on a Focus 2.0ltr Zetec, AWSOME sound, like you say racing car sound :devilish:

Well its a big area of debate this one! lots of ppl have found power losses on rrs but then like you say, on the move it should get a good stoking of cold air. Hey if your happy with it, what more can you ask for?


If Im not happy with the power Ill just build a box around it or modify the old box so it will only suck in colder air

even with cold air ducts etc, the engine bay temps will average about 80 deg F, and witha sealed kit you can hlaf that, which is where the real power gains come in. INcreases in flow are minimal, the std one is not restrictive in the least.

Head shields do little as heat soak through radiation is nto the problem, ambient air temps are the problem.

I woudnt mess about with open cone types, just not worth the money and loss in power....

As for filter restriction. You can get by increasing flow without making the filter less effective, increasing surface area is the simplest way, but foam and cottom gauze types use oil as the fikter and the foam/cotton as the structure to hold and store the oil.

Well there is a lot of interest in the field but there are not many suppliers so you often have to order things yourself from the internet. There are a couple of highly tuned cars here but mostly it´s just exhaust and airfilter tuners.

There is two good thing about tuning in Iceland, the air is cold and the gasoline is good(but picy)