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Would have been beet by a Golf GTI!!!!!!!

Just had a rather unenjoyable race in Stevenage!! A Golf GTI 16V loaded with three people tried to overtake me so I thought Im having none of that and floored it. I overtook him from standstill and corners but he was nailing it hard and I had difficulty keeping up with him!! Especially when I had to floor the brakes (I expected him to stack it trying to slow down) but he stopped no problem and was off again!! (My brakes felt less than healthy trying to slow down from 80mph) I gave up in the end !!!

Someone please tell me that it must have been tuned or something. It had a magnex 6x4 and waht looked like 16s but surely he should have been that fast with 3 people in it! Arent they 1.6s?

The 2.0 16v 150bhp GTi was the pick of the Mk3 Golf line-up in my opinion (VR6 is fast, but not complete due to front end weight bias). The 1.8 16v Mk2 GTi is also highly regarded. Thats saying something too - as Im usually the one slating Golfs! Much tuning gear available for the Mk2 espcially, though its still NA - so a high state of tune is unlikely due to ££££.

Anyway, I came up against a Mk3 16v with just the driver in it a few months ago and dusted it quite thoroughly. It was quite funny - hed come up to the lights each time in the outside lane and try to beat me off the lights, losing every time.

Im quite surprised that a 172 was having trouble. Its not as if the 172 is left wanting for torque like a Clio 16v is. Maybe the driver was a nutter/skillful?

I dunno, as you say it wasnt a prob to beat him from a standstill, he just seemed to have a lot of power under him for a car with 3 people in it (and stoping power)!! I was bricking it and there was only me in the car!!

Its getting serviced next month so I might get them to make sure everything is tip top. Cant have a GTi doing me over!!

And yes...he was a nutter in a baseball cap with no fear of death!!!!

Splendid!! - and a matching tartan rug on your knees whilst listening to Greatest Harmonica Solos of the 60s?

Hang on though - Isnt the Mk3 the sort of middle shaped one? Not the newest of new shape but the one before that? This was a red boxy one. Probably a F-H reg (didnt see what year though)
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The 1.8 16v golfs are pretty quick mk.2s that is. My friend has an F-reg mk.2 16v and we race all the time - first gear is good, also so is second, but I always win. He has a lightened flywheel and balanced clutch and a short-block engine(?) tuned by BRM motorsport(??)

The mk.2 golf 16v has around 149 bhp per tonne. Id guess itd been modded (exhaust etc) possibly had a VR6 engine in there? they only weigh 929kg......pretty quick cars really - dont underestimate!

golf heads love ther conversions, if it was a mark two it could have been a G60(left hand drive only) thay are stupidly quick, VR6 mk2s are not to shy either certainly beat a 172. 1.8 16V would not beat you unless it was heavily modded. i have MURDERED many previously and im talking absoloutely leaving them
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Even the VR6 conversion one(s) dont appear to be that amazingly quick(?) Im saying this because i did a search on yahoo for "golf mk.2 vr6" or something like that and it came up with one on this golf:

Engine: 2861cc 12v vr6 from 95 corrado jamex polished alloy & foam induction kit. Speedtech 2½" group a stainless steel exhaust system with polished, upturned, flat-oval tailpipe & cat bypass pipe. Golf mkiii diesel twin fan radiator with custom stainless steel bracket. Vibratechnics uprated front engine mount. 2x ecotek cb-26p valves. Hand polished inlet manifold, tensioner, alternator, cam cover & idle stabilisation valve. Pipercross crank case breather filter.

::: Performance :::

Right then whatll it do? - Having read this far down, youre probably gagging to know how fast is it?. Well the figures speak for themselves (its also worth noting that these are not bloke down the pub /owners estimates)

0-60 6.89secs (Proven @ ClubGTI National day 2000) standing 1/4 mile 14.74secs @ 94.06mph (GTI Festival 2000) Max. power 178BHP @ wheels (Motoscope, Northallerton 2000)

Not all that quick really considering how much power its got at the wheels!

Also - not too sure about his mods: "2x ecotek cb-26p valves"(!!) and "Pipercross crank case breather filter" oh dear.....

Maybe his quarter mile was so low because he couldnt see the lights as the 16-foot "sunstripe" is vision-imparing.

The VR6 unit is a 2-valve per cylinder unit (12 Valve, rather than 24v), so is really an older engine design mainly intended for creamy smooth torque-inspired driving. Its not the most overtly "sporty" unit available, but then high rev, high power stuff isnt VWs style.

MAtey, you should have trounced him, my favourite car race is with golfs..I have yet to be beaten by one played with or not, your 172 should be faster than my Williams. So either your 172 is not running properly..or he spent serious money on his golf.

Be wary of mk 2 16vs, a friend of mine had one, virtually standard, just an airbox/exhaust. He never raced any 172s in it but he saw off a willy and ate pugs easily, even came close with a sunny gti-r.... maybe they vary quite a bit in output but this was quite a bit faster than id expected... a great hot hatch, even if the brakes were crap..

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My mate just bought a D Reg Blue Mk2 Golf "gti" however it has a G60 Lump, with a Jabbasport Stage 4 supercharger, giving over 200bhp, looks pretty standard too!!!

Remember with VWs there are loads of enigne tuners, and they do loads of conversions etc, so could have been a 20v Turbo, G60, 16v Turbo etc - dont think too hard!