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Would i notice any difference?

  Charged Superleggera
no. if anything will make it slower. better off getting a closed induction kit like a bmc or viper but they are expensive. unless you can get it cheap then i wouldnt bother.
  R34 GT-R & 172 Cup
Defo not mate, its an open one so will be taken more hot air in then cold. You need an all inclosed one with a cold air feed pipe.
  Astra 1.9Cdti SRi
Nope, but you will hear a deeper noise in 5th, Waste of money tbh, i got rid of mine and fitted the standard one back,
  Fabia vrs tdi
my corsa sounded alot better with my kNn induction kit it sounds faster but doesnt make it faster,

with ur car being so slow get an induction kit make it sound better and just cruise, buy a k and n apollo or a pipercross
  Astra 1.9Cdti SRi
Ye corsa's only attract trouble from cops etc, 99% of corsa's you see on the road are boy racers, Scrap the damm things imo
  Astra 1.9Cdti SRi
Get a exhaust fella, its not worth spendin on the induction kit trust me, been down that road myself.