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would some kind person..........

  7.6cc :D

help a girl in distress

by hosting and posting some pics of her car for her?????????

pweassssse xxxxx
  7.6cc :D

Oi Slarty im not mad ........I can take back that luvin you comment you know!

and he is quite happy in black thank you.

Wheels are 17" Team Dynamic Phantoms

Im going to experiment on making the pics big to put in the post now!

Thanks once again Teady xxxxxxxx

Err... Jilly m8, you seem to be very confused - youre wearing sunglasses and it aint sunny!

Nice car though, so you cant be that mental...

  7.6cc :D

Confused yep.

Trying to see if the camera was working and managing to take a picture of my own head, whilst meaning to take the car interior, confused yes

and it was sunny, the pics are really dark for some reason, once again my expert photographic skills!
  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

Am I the only one that thinks that that car looks hideous on those wheels? Probably am I spose, but cant u lot see that those wheels are far to big for that small car. It at least needs lowering to help its appearance a bit.

Jilly, and anyone else about to jump on me, its my opinion OK. Not gospel by any means.



  Shiny red R32

As long as Jilly likes them! They do actually look larger than 17" which is in complete contrast to 17" Super Leggeras which look much smaller than actual size.
  7.6cc :D

Thank you Sylvia , I do agree that wheel choice is totally individual and down to personal choice. I loooooooove big wheels, hence my choice! I would have gone for 18” if I could

But thank you for your opinion mpitchell. I think perhaps it could have been slightly less harsh and more subtle, but obviously making a friend on here is not important to you.
  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

Jilly, I have enough friends

As long as you like them, who cares what anyone else thinks (that includes me).

  7.6cc :D

Thank you Nick

I am lowering it when i get paid, is 35mm normal?

Where is the best place to get it done, as i want it done professionally?

Advice would be appreciated
  TT 225

Jealous? But you got a new one!

Thank you tho Keep seeing your posts on SaxoSports, im on there as Saxokel, (cos my last motor was a saxo)
  7.6cc :D

So was mine Kel

I always longed for a Williams when i was about 17, so i still have soft spot for them