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Would they have to honour this price

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Wont let you just tried it, £1.00 minimum spend but im sure ill be ableto find something cheap on that site , just use your credit card then you have comeback plus save a copy of the webpage along with the URL Just in case

[Phoned them and tey wont do it:( but im a cheeky b]
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Just checked Trading Standards and it says:

Under law, a retailer is entitled to decide the price he wants to charge for his goods.

The price on display is simply what the law calls an ‘invitation to treat’. In the same way you dont have to buy goods from anyone, a retailer is under no obligation to sell you anything.

You cannot insist that a shop sells you anything at a marked price, whether or not they have made a mistake.

The law does not allow prices to be fixed and, contrary to common belief, goods are not subject to price controls.
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Had a prob like this when I worked at Halfords. When someone kicked up a stink we simply withdrew this shelf full of stuff from sale.

yer, there was the price error on amazon with dell palm tops for 1/10th of the price, they sold a silly amount in an hour before it was corrected!

I think that if the transaction goes through, then they have to honour it, do they not, as that HAVE sold it to you.

Good luck McBunny!