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Would u buy a LHD 225 TT

  Leon Cupra

I would only buy a LHD if it was something really special and im afraid the TT isn’t. Although it is a very nice car.


cheers for a reply .... and sorry to dawn this on the clio forum i just needed some sensible advice and new i could get it here !!

thanks again

  Williams 2, STi N12

It is a really funny site to see, a penny pinching sod that has to get out of their car at every car park ticket machine when its peeing it down. Makes me chuckle every time!!
  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

Anders - I would like an E30 M3 at some point...and they only come in LHD. So how do you propose I go about restraining your laughter at me?

Dont be so narrow minded. For some people its the only way they can afford their dream car.

And no I wouldnt have any TT, however cheap. I think theyre foul.


...good idea, you can save quite a bit as long as the insurance penalty isnt too great.

at the car park, put the passenger window down and lean over, while youre stretching think about the five or so grand youve saved and it wont piss you off so much.


Not my taste - the tt, but if ya like it great..

the lhd market is pretty poorly priced for the uk as u can imagine.

the big problem I have with lhd cars - and I dont think its just me... is that they are easy to get used to when driving.. but.. if its a sport car that you will give some rice at some time (and why not ? ) then in the moment of overcooking it (as we can all do sometimes) one tends to revert back to rhd mode with unpredictable and often expensive results... the width of the car in your brain can easily change back to rhd, the left hand belts the door for a gear change and no lever aghhh ... end result...ooooooops.. trouble is, its only when you need to rely on the experience and instinct that you have developed in rhd for years, when you go into autopilot mode, that things go wrong.. what seems to be an easy thing to master is not something that the subconscious can adapt to that easily..

thats my take..

  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

I have driving an Audi A6 LHD and this was an auto but as Captain said it is a little weird because you are constantly looking to your left to judge a gap but it is the right you should be worried about.

As to the TT I have it on good authority the rear window is restictive viewing but hey you have mirrors.

The TT design is growing on me but saying that so is the CTR and I wouldnt buy neither.

Each to there own at the end of the day. Also when you go to sell it you will get alot less again because it is a LHD and an import.

Wont insurance kill you being an import and a high group rating ?
Some companies might not even touch you because its an import !
  Astra 1.9cdti XP

I dont whether you remember I told you that my local dealer had a MK1 for sale thay have now knocked the price down considerably.

I looks like a beast with those 17" on it!! Hmmmmm + the steering wheel is on the right side

The majority of cars actually drive better in LHD as thats the way they were designed. The RHD conversion usually involves a crude brake linkage from pedal to master cylinder (as on the Clio,Saxo,106,Golf etc) that spoils the feel of the brakes.