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WOW video of flames coming out my carb

  renualt clio 1.2 rn
Further to my quest on trying a cylinder head/timing belt DIY fitting.

I have finally identified the problem that caused the engine to not fire up...

The earth cables right of the cylinder head exhaust manifold, where not connected.

On attaching this it fired up , but just not as expected... instead its blowing flames out my carb. See video

I instantly thought this is definitely my timing, i need to redo it and after 4 attempts, i am now start to wonder if it is my timing... As it looks all correct to me and is set dead on.. 12 at top 6 at bottom ...but the car persists to fire out carb..

I have set this timing up as follows...

Triangle arrow mark on cylinder head pulley, lined up with atriangle arrow casing mark above the eye hole, that lets you see the pulley through the casing.. This mark is in the 12'0clock position.

Positioned the crank mark, located behind the pulley and just bellow and behind the cog teeth, to the line mark on the casing at the 6'o'clock position.

I have ensured these marks are correct even after tension as well.

Any ideas on this most welcome.
  renualt clio 1.2 rn
Nope cant b that, got them correct as i took photo as i dismantaled car of all lead and connections... to reffer to when rebuilding...
  renualt clio 1.2 rn
Am thinkng a bought a dodgy cylinder head or i have screwed the head up some how when fitting it on...

  Mondeo TDCI 130
99% sure these are manually adjusted valve clearances? Danny will confirm!? haven't seen one for a good while! They are all correct?
  renualt clio 1.2 rn
yip, this is the result of your timing crank cog being 180 degree out...

Amazingly, after double checking and setting correctly the car started on first turn.. no bent valves ...

jammy or wot :eek:

Thanks for your feedback