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WRC Rally GB who's going?

Not long now and the WRC will be back, who's going? Wednesday 12th September is qualifying then from the 13th-16th is the Rally. I live right by cardiff so i'm pretty lucky that it's all fairly local to me, I've been to the last 3 shake downs in cardiff now but this year i'll be attending a few stages so a question for the regulars, where are the best places to go to with a good view of it? I don't mind parking and walking a fair bit... anyone with a national B entering it?
yeah it will be strange not being wrapped up warm with a mug of coffee, Loeb is leading this year by 30 points (5 fives so far i think) hirvonen is second mads ostberg 3rd... 13 round calender next season with vw making a return so can't wait for that already! :D

What are the best stages to go to then on past experience?
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Hopefully the weather will be better than last year. All being well I'll be marshalling somewhere in North Wales. Not had the list of stages through from the chief marshal yet.
There going to the celtic manor this year for the first time which is only a 10 minute drive away from me so i'll be going to that for sure, heard a lot say that sweet lamb is the best stage so hopefully i can get there as well and maybe go to port talbot which is around 25-30 minute drive. Will have a proper look when it gets a bit closer


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Will certainly be going again this year! was a great weekend last year. For me sweet lamb and the great orme were my favorites.

Only down side to it was how busy the car parks were, had a campsite booked within 30 mins of a lot of the stages we wanted to see. Cant remember what stage it was but we got to the carpark at 6 am and were the 1st of the last 5 cars in!! From then on we just stayed at the carparks the night before stages, bit of a pain staying in the car but didnt bother us too much.
So far i'm going to sweet lamb, the celtic manor and maybe one or 2 down port talbot way... looking forward to this