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xbox 360 deals


ClioSport Club Member
Looking to get a premium and PGR3 and Ghost recon maybe.

Where actually have em in stock and cheapish?
  RS Meg 175
still big pennies eh? i would rather spend the moola on meh Sh*tmobile <<<< :D
why not upgrade yah PC for gaming instead? lol


ClioSport Club Member
Don't need to spend any money on my car, and i can't be arsed with pc gaming anymore, I've got a decent ish PC that can run most games ok.

Going for a big ass LCD tv and a 360 - w00t!
  Yaris Hybrid
I never really found any decent 360 deals.

It was pretty much £280 regardless of where I bought it once you had included postage. Amazon was like a couple of quid cheaper but figured I might as well just buy it there and then from a shop rather than wait a day or two for the sake of a few bob.

I'd already owned PGR3 and GR when I had my first 360 and my bro already had copies so I had nothing to gain from buying a pack with included.

Personally I'd get PGR3 over GR. Neither show off the graphics as well as say PDZ but then that game wasn't very good. You can download loads of demos from Xbox Live to check them all out anyway.
  Pink & Blue 182, JDM DC2
Had a quick go on PGR3 at the weekend and I have to say, I loved the scenary as I drove through the city scene, lokoed very nice and glossy but I just felt the car and its dynamics let the game down. I walked away not really wanting to part with cash... and so onto my new topic...