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Xenon Bulbs

  Artic Blue 182FF
Could i just fit these to my 06 1.2 ? if so does anyone recomend i do this? or not?

Whats the advantages etc

  black golf v6 4 motion
if you dont already have xenon headlight do not do this its a completely diff set up and will melt your headlights you have to have a proper conversion about £1000 if i remember correctly
  soon: 172 Cup
not what has been said in previous threads.

Wightman, do a search on the top bar for Xenon, you will get 100's of posts!
  Audi TT 225 Quattro
lol, it won't melt your headlights mate. ive got them on mine and its fine, what u need is a hid kit from you can get them for £100 at the moment which is very cheap and well worth the money imo.
You can buy the bits you need the computers etc just plug in only thing which would take time to setup if want it is the auto ajust as the rear axle has a sensor on it. and the waher jets.
Parts can be bought for £200 but if you get failed bulbs or computers mean they can work out quite expensive.