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Xsara VTS

  Abarth Grande Punto

Morning Guys,

One of my mates is getting a 6 month old Citroen Xsara VTS Coupe 2.0i.

I must say I was quite impressed with the performance- 167bhp. 147mph tops. 0-62 in 8.0secs.

Not bad for a Citroen!! What do you guys think of the VTS Coupe??

Same engine as the 306 GTI and peugeot being peogeot should have a tidy handling. Not bad looking either.
  Abarth Grande Punto

well my mate got his on saturday it was registered in march 2002 on the 02 plate and has got 3140 miles on the clock! Its new listed price is about 16,000 my mate got it for £9,999!!! I though that was a bargain and that was from the dealers!! Scary to think it had lost 6k in about 8 months! So the loser is the owner from new and my mate is over the moon at the price!

Citroen had an offer on last summer. Brand new VTS coupe £9995.

Was very tempted. Went like stink but just looked a bit plain. Nice one lives round by me. Black with 18"s.

Followed one of these the other night, dont know how hard he was trying - I know I wasnt giving it alot. I was following in fourth and our speeds seemed to be rising by about the same amount. Reckon if id dropped a cog Id have been up his exhaust pipe though.
Not bad looking, fairly rare - sadly related to the saxo though :(

Fine if you can weather the lack of style and if you keep it for a long time - otherwise the depreciation will get you too. Lovely 167bhp motor from the GTi-6 306, but only a 5-speed box instead of that lovely 6-speed unit that the GTi-6/Rallye had.