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yesterday pics

  Clio 182




  LY V6 with Recaros
Nice pics, the green calipers are different, not so sure on yellow fogs though.
  06 1.2 16v
I like the green calipers, i also like the fogs, but the two colours arent a mix, imo if the calipers were yellow too it would be spot on.
  Flame Red Delight
nice looking car wasnt sure about the yellow but now you have taken them off the car looks even better. I really like it how you havent followed everybody else and went for the green calipers i really like it. So much that i am actually considering doing it to mine.
  Clio 182
Bronze wheels are in my garage, they're 17", too big for Clio, I search some serious 16" like rota grid flat black with red lip new wheels new caliper color, green fly away!