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yey got car back

  clio 20v

just picked up me 2.0 willy engined beast and it goes like fuk

cant get used to the early rev limit though keep hittin it, it just flies into the limiter

useless in the wet though just spins up, scalp one already is one dissapointed rs turbo owner with me spinnin through 1st and second

  mk2 172

lovely jubbly mate, i know what you mean by hitting the limiter all the time! couldnt get used to the willy hitting it in the first three gears all the frigin time, happens quick dont it, we should have a race now mate. glad you likin it.

  clio 20v

it cost me around 900 quid for the willy engine and box to be fitted complete with ecu, took em a day an a half and i had a new clutch put in and cambelt e.t.c, plus some other bits that needed doing

they hav done a good job seem to kno wot there doin the guy who did my car has dropped a reno 5 turbo motor in his clio which should be on the road shortly

jus need it on the rollers now to see wot its makin, its like a completely differant car cant wait for the dry wether

  clio 20v

they got it, came out of a willy3 with 50k on the clock that they were breaking, was in mint pre accident condition as well

  clio 20v

yeh think that could be arranged hehe

cant see me being lucky enough to get an engine with the power jons has, might get the unichip fitted at weekend if they can fit me in

can neva hav enough power can u:devilish:
  320d M Sport

i say banned as people who shoot there mouth off and generally talk bollox get threads locked etc etc. Never mind.

"it just flies into the limiter "....hmmmm, definitely something up with mine! No flying to limiter in sight :mad:.
  mk2 172

then theres soummat up mate, though there might be with me giving you a caining and all that, thought ud cain me, anyways, if its up to scratch you should be hitting it all the time, so annoying how quicj it gets through the rev band

I reckon that T.Ferrino bloke has spotted the problem. The bad noises are certainly coming from the cat area (the cork in a tin rattling noise) and the car does feel a bit strangled, especially at high revs. I suppose if there are bits of dead cat (ho ho) blocking up the exhaust system, the performance will probably suffer. Dont have time to get it sorted until Friday though....and will probably go with a de-cat rather than a new cat!

  clio 20v

rhys- i have come from the 1800 though which has about 700 rpm on top of the willy engine but even so it doesnt struggle to get there at all

seems like the limiter is spoiling the fun and it could easily rev past an keep goin, if your exhaust is not right why dont you get a system an de-cat and a panel filter

Adi - I will be doing. I get paid on Thursday and have Friday off work, so Im off down to Ascar ( in Sheffield to get it sorted out. 1st gear gets to the limiter soon enough, but 2nd, 3rd & 4th seem to take too long. Certainly doesnt get there quick...

  clio 20v

defo wouldnt bother with a new cat there expensive im sure theres a few people with de-cats including me that would be willing to lend u theres for MOT time

ive lost count of how many times ive hit the limiter today 1st is a blink an ull miss it hehe
  Clio Williams 1, 182,197


Oh well mate welcome to the world of the Willy engine. If ya wanna sort that rev limit then get it chipped and the limit will be raised as well. Or just get stage 2 conversion like me !! That will give you something to grin about !!

Oh well good luck and remember that you dont have to change gear as much now !! The willy engine loves to just cruise and when you want that extra power just dip the accelerator.
  clio 20v

dont kno wether it still spits flames shud think so hehe

yeh i can change like a good en now box is a million times better, the shift seems shorter too for some reason, and my new clutch is lots lighter

more bonuses ive noticed are the steering seems lighter i assume from changing p/s fluid and the alternator on this one seems better and the starter motor makes a better noise hehe