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York - How much to hire

  Skoda Fabia vRS

i remember someone posted a few weeks, maybe months ago of how much york was to hire out for the day

how much was it ?
  Skoda Fabia vRS

i managed to find the thread i was talkin about an yea it was Santa Pod

its was £2800 and £10 each on top
  BMW 320d Sport

Yes all members go and check the thread above! Definitely a good idea for next year and I think we have enough active members to pull it off.
  williams and trophy

would be even cheaper for us if it were a club shootout

i know the vw golf boys are intrested in a golf vs clio day

  mk2 172

i found this lot out a few weeks ago, this was the e-mail i sent nick about my findings:-

just spoke to the chap who owns York dragway and he was vey straight with me and helpful, gave me a hell of a lot of time too. anyways the cost to hire the strip with no hidden extras like V.A.T is approx 5k, yes 5K!!. OUCH. he gave me a full breakdown of what this covers and some of it is gate staff, pit crew,timing gear,signing on staff, full toilet facilities, food cart, staff for public address(commentators basically) etc.... then they have overheads which he breathed over. i was pretty straight and told him that we probably cant afford that kind of outlay for the number of members we would have interested. instead of putting the phone down he gave me another option as follows:-

because i said we dont have the members to pay for that kinda cost he said to generate intrest and a much cheaper option i should contact him when the season starts next year. now as we are a club we could have our own marquee(spelling) if we want, in our own area which he would allocate on the day before. we would be seperated from the RWYB and all cliosport members would run together with a C** race number. the men upstairs would then publish and update a table after every cliosport race to show the fastest down to the slowest, and to make there be something to aim for for all clios he recommended we have a trophy for fastest reaction time where power is not a factor. we could also have our own barbecue etc should we desire. and all for the usual entry and signing on fee of £23.50 per person.

  Skoda Fabia vRS

hmmmm interesting

i think thats rather expensive though seeing as Santa Pod is less than £3k
  williams and trophy

craggy mate i take it youve been speaking to steve murty then lol

ill have a word with his son mick cos i know him quite well and if we can sort summat out between us it may work out to be a bit i said before its gunna be even cheaper if we have an inter-club shootout...........get a mag intrested and people will come flocking just to get in the mag....were happy , the mags happy and it works out cheaper for all involved



Brun - when is the PGTi copy out from the RR day in Bury? Also, Ive never seen it in a shop! Where can I get it from?


  Skoda Fabia vRS

it was supposed to be out in October but last i heard its been put back to November

id expect WHSmith to sell it, the Trafford Centre one usually has everythin
  BMW 320d Sport

Lets hope PGTi doesnt start to mess up their distribution like before. If theres one thing that put them out of biz the first time, it was the fact that you never knew when or where it was coming out, and when it did, all 3 copies sold out by the end of the day. Hope they learnt from their mistakes! But when it does come out, please post on this forum so everyone can go and find it!
  williams and trophy

or better still just go to your local newsagent and ask them when its due is on a database and they can find out.

failing that just go and order it from your local paper shop

simple really

  Skoda Fabia vRS

or order a subscription, that way you dont have to hunt around in the winter at all the diff newsagents, and you get your compy before everyone else