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York .mpg’s

  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Matt cracking footage mate.

And I got to say dont matter what Craggy says, his Williams is not standard and neither is 2 Lives.

I kept on lighting up the tyres and lost valuable grip and time, but got a 15.515 with 1/2 tank of fuel and spare wheel.

Also love the way Mike killed that Rover Tomcat. ;)

Are you listening Slayer !

Good to see you back Ivan !

I watched my mpg against the Saxo and I cannot believe I threw away so much of a lead on a missed gear change ! Not that the Saxo had a very good run mind but still, should have been much better !

Great stuff Matt, the video should be winging its way to you anyway !
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Cheers Dai,

Yerr I got killed by Craggys beast but in my defence I wasnt paying attention to the lights and missed it by quiet alot and the fact mar has only done 3.5k and its still tight.

You got a cracking start against that S/C saxo mate but like me you missed a gear, 3rd is such a bugger when racing as I usually hit the gate between 1st and 3rd and it kills mty times.

I did that against you, I was trying to line up the wheels and then all of a sudden it went green ! ha ha !

TimOs car looks sooooooooooooo quick on the video ! I have first hand experience of how quick it actually is, what a beast !

I did have a great start against the Saxo, fooked it up tho, could have been on for a 15.5 or maybe lower if it is was not for that maybe. 3rd is a bugger without doubt. If you had a competition clutch it would make hell of a difference to your time cos there would be literally no slowdown changing gears whereas there is quite a lot at the moment.

All in all it is great to have some footage of some of the races.
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

I think our cars could do with another 5-6k on them before we see any reasonable times mate.

TimOs car sounded sweet BTW.

I think you may be right, what would you call a reasonable time then ? High 14s ?

It did ! Sounds as good as it goes !
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

I would say very low 15s like Stuman got last time. Something like 15.12 or the like but he didnt run this time as his Rocker Cover gasket or something was fcuked. Its amazing what a perfect launch gets ya ! He was also running with a spare wheel, loadsa bagage in the boot and two blueberry Muffins .

Two blueberry muffins ? You gotta be crazy ! You sure they didnt put a V6 engine in his car by mistake ?

Well, they were saying at York that a perfect reaction is .500 and we were getting 1.1s up to 1.3s so there is a lot of room for improvement I would say ! That is what I like about it tho !

Excellent vids Matt.

Is it me or does it look like its been raining??!

TimOs car deffinately is rapido. I cant beleive how far you were ahead of that saxo Daipac - then he just seems to steam on through!!!

Listening to my vid I seem to be spinning the wheels much more than I thought and I thought my pull offs were getting better!!!
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Am I doing something wrong - I cant get to the site & I dearly want to see my run against that green Tomcat!! I have it on video from inside the car too - Ill try to upload it later.

Am I right in thinking that reaction time doesnt count towards the actual ET?

Just click on the link and it should open up the directory lisitng in a new window, works for me anyway ! Actually, the site has been deleted it looks like, maybe Matt can host them somewhere else ?

des, I know mate ! Missed gear change hurt me bad !

I thought the reaction time counted ? If not then have to find the time elsewhere.


Perhaps there was too much activity or something. Ive got paid-for space with pipex but Im dammed if I can upload to it!

Will happily e-mail movies if you PM me.