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You’ll never believe what just happened

I was at my girlfriends house earlier and when I went round I left my keys on the window sill next to the front door (which is usually locked) as I always do. About an hour or so later I was going to go home to get ready to go out, when I realised my keys werent where I left them.

Me, my gfriend and her parents srripped the house up and down looking for them but with no luck. I went into her front room (left the lights off) and picked up the phone to call my parents to tell them. Then I saw the hazards flash on my car which was parked across the street and I just dropped the phone and ran screaming coz there was 2 lads next to it.

One guy saw me and just sprinted off up the road, but the other had his top half inside the car and didnt see me until I was right near him. He tried to get out the car but I slammed the door on him as hard as I could. Then pulled him out the car and gave him a beating like I have never ever done anything like before. I cant explain it I was just in a rage and kept hitting him and kicking him. I slammed his head into my door mirror so hard its taken the paint off.

My gfriends dad had to pull me off him. Her and her mom were crying and she said she doesnt want to speak to me. (Weve been together for over 5 years)

I think theyre taking him to hospital and I feel so bad about it I cant begin to explain. Ive never done that to anybody before and I am gutted about the whole thing.

Im still shaking now and dont even know why I am telling you as I dont really know anyone on here but I just had to say something because nobody else will speak to me.

i wouldnt worry about it.....

he got what was comming.....

Just explain to your GF that the car costs alot of money....haha

seen/been in too many to really think they are bad........only hope you made the guy reconsider doin it again.....
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Mate i feel for u.....I really do.

I would do exactly the same thing if i saw some1 nickin my car, so dont think ur on ur own.

Im sure ur girlfriend was just a bit freaked out by it all, shell be ok.

Ive just blown up my valver bout 30mins ago and i thought i was gutted!

Just chill for a while, things will be fine :)


second stealing/beating i heard today!!

and now your valver, and courseiaves willy stacked...not a very good day overall is it....

I am just worried now because the guy was a real mess.

I dont know if he deserved that, but at the time I just couldnt stop. Its a bit scary because if her dad hadnt been there who knows?

And also theres the fact that he may go to the police.

And all her familys opinion of me has changed. They used to love me, now they think I am a prick.
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Make yourself scarce and sleep on it. Your GF and her family will come round. One things for sure Ben, theres one less thieving git for the rest of us to worry about mate! There are 1000 people on here who would have done exactly the same thing. 10 seconds later and this thread would have been entitled thieving scum nicked my car or somesuch, and youd be short of 1 Clio.

Thanks, thats what I keep telling myself, at least I kept my car.

Theres definately a lesson in here somewhere, not leaving keys by the door etc.
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absolutely agree with mike, most people would give the guy a good hiding, i wouldnt worry about peoples opinion on you, if your missus loves you etc etc shell stand by you.... in fact Id call her and say how sh*te u feel, it should be her consoling you as well as us........
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Hell be fine im sure of it, itll make him think twice about doin somethin like that again thats for sure!

I shouldnt think hell go to the police, after all he was nicking ur motor, hes a god damn car thief!

Ur girlfriends Dad would prob do the same thing if it was his car...its just instinct. They know that.

Dont worry


P.s I think ive bent a valve by the looks of things, sorry to hear about Courseiaves Willy still things come in threes....Right!

congratulations you are making this world a better place. people like you stop tw*ts from repeat offenses. if you find out who plaster his name everywhere.:):):):):):):)

Ben Iwouldnt worry about it too much the prick deserved a good spanking the judicial system is all messed up anyway and you def did the wright thing.

I wreckon your gf will come around you were protecting something you cherish anlove, Im sure youd do the same for her, try getting that across!

damn right myky16. Ben, do you think the theiving git gives a toss about you and your car? nope then dont waste another thought on him mate! i would have done the same!

i you wanna watch he doesnt have you for assult (the law is fu*ked up like that!)

make sure youve got a good story he threw the first punch etc!!

Ive been in a very similar situation. The guy tried to get me charged but I was lucky the 2 policemen involved took my side although that was just luck I guess. I would hardly call mine a beating either - I hit him twice and chased him down the street with a Driver (Golf Club). I did go a bit mad and saw the red mist. Good luck, he deserved it.:D


Like everyone says - grab a bevvy, chill out and give it some time - your gf will come round, shes probably just a bit shocked as shes not seen that side of you before. Im sure Id have done exactly the same thing (or at least tried to - Im a bit on the wimpy side and probably wouldve got a good hiding off him! :oops:) but its just an instinctive reaction - it wasnt pre-meditated (unlike their attempted theft) so that has to count for something to the Police. As FunkyAsFunk says, make sure you have a good story but dont go overboard or the fuzz will get suspicious!

PS - You might want to get a mate to punch you Ben and give you a shiner - that way if the police come round, your story will be more believable!!! (did I just suggest that?)


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Although I am female, and not at all agressive, I would have done exactly the same as you did, and my husband would tell you that too. Our cars are our pride and joy and none of us want anyone to damage them in any way and certainly not to try and steal them.

There are often incidents where cars have been stolen, usually by underage boys, or those who have no licence and obviously no insurance, and quite often they abandon them or set light to them, or even crash these stolen cars, and in many cases, they kill or injure themselves or their passengers. So perhaps you might have saved this guys life as well as your car.

If he goes to the police, how is he going to explain the situation? Would he admit that he had stolen your car keys from inside your girlfriends house, then got caught actually inside your car, probably about to drive away in it?

What proof has he got that it was you who had hit him? If his friend sprinted away, was there any witness to stand up for him?

I am sure that in the morning, your girlfriend will have realised that you were only protecting your beloved car, which you probably had to work hard to buy and maintain, and she will forgive you, especially if you are like me, and not at all agressive.

As others here have said, I am sure that most would have done exactly the same as you did.

A lesson to us all - DONT KEEP YOUR CAR KEYS IN VIEW OF OTHERS NEAR A GLASS DOOR OR WINDOW - it is best not to leave them in a hall at all, especially as you will probably be in another room in the house and might not be aware that someone could have opened the front door, and before you realise it, your car could be miles away. Keep your keys under your pillow!

Hope all will be alright for you Ben.

Ben, bad luck and well done. He will probably go to the police cos he is a gimp and they will be very nice to him and crap on you from a great hight.

But the adrenalin excuse is a good one. As you were already worked up because you had lost your keys and you were fearing someone had stolen them and thus would steal your car. So then when you see someone using your keys to get into your car your heart rate jumps up and the adrenalin starts pumping. You race out the house and run accross the road, now you are faced with a situation that could have a disasterouse consicuences. How many times have you heared of a voilent bloody end to people tackaling thiefs. This may not have been apparant to you, but in your pumped up state you wouldnt have been thinking straight and you were probably thinking it subconsionsly. So you acted before he got the chance to do anything. Even if there wasnt a threat you couldnt take that chance. As you were also not certain that he spoke or understood english (there being far to many state fund sucking imagrants in this country) you decided to use the international comunications method of slamming his head in your car door. This imediatly says to him "bloody hell, i picked the wrong guy to mess with" and you win.

Seriuosly though, after you had run over the road you would have been so pumped up you wouldnt have been thinking straight.

If it all goes well and nothing happens with the police and your girl still doesnt want to know you, tell her this:

"Look babe, if my car had been stolen I wouldnt have been able to afford that huge diamond engagement ring after buying a new car.....oops did I say that out loud?"

- it would work like a charm. Of course you may have to back that up by actually buying a huge diamond ring. But maybe she is worth it.



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m8 im sorry to hear that,

Im sure ur gf will come round if you have been together that long she obviosly has feelings for you and cares alot for you.

i would of thought it was a massive shock for her to see, in my oppinion you have done the right thing but you have to remember it was a dangerouse thing you did i have a friend and a similar thing happend to one of his relatives a few years back his relative went out side started laying in to the guy that was breaking in to his car and the thiev stabbed him and he died.

you can never tell what one person will do, the people that took your keys did not only break in to your car they also broke in to your gfs house maybee sayign this to your gf will help i dont know but the guy was in the wrong not you.

but the british law states you cannot protect your propety, like a farmer did when some kids broke in to his house he woke up and got his shotgun and chased them and shot and killed one of the kids he said it was self defence for his house and his self, but as he shot the kid in the back he went through alot of hassle.

good luck m8


If your talking about Tony Martin, the main thing that gets me about that case (something that never gets talked about) was that his shotgun was unlicensed. ie illegal. So he shot someone with an illegal firearm. Thats breaking the law right there. I do agree though, we should be able to use all reasonable force to protect our selves, friends, relatives and property. The only problem there is, what do you class as reasonable force. If I had a gun on my person and someone pulled a dangerouse weapon out I wouldnt hesitate in shooting that person. If they had a bat I would just shoot them in the legs, but if it was a knife or gun I would aim to shoot to kill. That would probably send me to prison, but I would rather that than wind up another statistical death.


well done mate thats all i can say

Ive never lost my temper but i would if i found a scum bag nicking my mota but i dont think my dad mates of g/f would stop me from giving a little scum bag a good kicking - i think they would help !!!

I doubt the police will get involved, i live in a rough area nobody ever presses charges if they start it. but you can just say he had a knife, you saw it. no doubt if hes a thief they will take your side over his. if he sues counter sue for the repair to your car. personally i would have contined the beatin till he was k.o. then called the police or beta still in the boot of the car find the furthest wooded area tie the prick to a tree. hed sh*t himself all night:devilish:

Scum who nick or damage other peoples property deserved to be lynched or stoned, or have their pricks cut off. Well done for beating up a moron.

Bye Bye


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Ben, first of all bad luck about the thieving scum... but I would have been exactly the same in your position.. someone would have had to pull me off the guy cause I probably wouldnt stop till its too late..

I hate to admit it but I have a very explosive temper. I almost strangled my mate one time a few years back, thankfully I have never done anything like that since because it scared me as much as it scared my mate.. (he is still mates with me though)
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Bad luck about the near stealing.

Did your girlfriends parents take the thief to hospital? How bad a state was the guy in? If youre lucky he wont press charges etc. but if youre unlucky - he may bring in the police and you could get very stiffed id have thought. Id recommend u get some legal advise from somewhere/one. Prob best not to lie. I dont wanna sound like a dick, but you know what the laws like, it rarely gives decent justice - just watch yourself that he doesnt screw you for ABH or something worse.

When i used to live in America it was a fact that you must kill any intruder that gets into your house and not mame them as they can actually sue you! i dont know much about the laws in this country but im sure theyre similarly shocking.

I can imagine what you mean about getting the red mist/rage adrenaline, but i agree with what you said and your conscience, did you really need to keep beating him when he was down?

Lets hope the thieving tw@ learned his lesson, wont press charges and more importantly wont do it again!

Hope you dont get stiffed.

Thank you for all the supportive replies and I really mean that.

I tried to go to sleep earlier but it was no good. In the end I went to the pub with my mates and just tried to forget about it.

It was kind of working until my gfriend rang me about an hour ago. Apparently they took him to the hospital had exray and his has a broken nose, cracked eye socket, fractured jaw and cant hear in one ear.

Her dad aaid he was very appologetic and had never done it before and was only because his mate forced him to.

I feel low.

personally i think you should go to jail. Theres restraint and violence and sounds that sounds like violence.. I study aikido and you have to learn control. maybe you were just as bad as the thief.:sleep:
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Lets just hope he doesnt involve the cops. Maybe hel be so scared that he wont want to etc.

What else did your g/f say?

I am really trying not to think about it. Ive never been in any kind of trouble with the police before and they havent contacted me yet.

My gfriends dad said he thought this bloke might not go to the police, something about him being very scared about getting done. He said he thought he probably had previous convictions and also told me that although he could not condone what I had done, he said to this bloke that he would support me if it went to court.

I am praying tonight

sh*t, dont make him worry then!

you wont go to jail, most some community service or something seeing as its your first offence?? the guy was stealing (twice...keys and car).

ergh.......mate, you are a bruiser!!!

you buggered him proper!

dont worry though, he seems like hes regretting it and scared. Had a mate half beaten to deadth with 12" bamboo poles and name it, it was broken, but hes fine and dandy with not a mark.......

and hes probably deaf through the amount of swearing you were doing at him!!!

172man I understand what you are saying. I am a second Dan wado ryu and I guess thats part of the reason I feel guilty, because I have been taught discipline and self-control. Until tonight I felt karate was one of the best things that ever happened to me.

But I cant explain it, when I saw them trying to take my car I just couldnt control my anger.

And like I said Ive never even got points on my licence before

tell her you are passionate about your car and her and saw red at the time. To be honest mate i would leave it till it cools down. I reckon he got alll that was coming to him. How many other times has he got away with it on some other person.

You still got to control that rage which is easier than said. I mean what where you suppose to do ask him nicely to put things back and tell him how bad he was (I dont think so).

You cant win can you, protect your stuff and face standing in court after using excessive force or get done over and get nothing back apart from losing your gear and the humiliation of it.

If he left it alone it wouldnt have happend!

Ben i think that you did the right thing too many police feel frustrated at not being able to get the right convictions from the courts when they arrest thiefs and the like.After all they are only human i think it will be ok good luck at least you kept the car.Just think off all the hasstle that would have caused.