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You have £13k....

.... so what do you buy?

172 Cup or BBPT Turbo?

Decisions, decisions...

(P.S. If anyone wants to see what Id pick, feel free to give me £13k...;))


Plus, its more fun wupping *rse in an older car - Mr My cars better than yours cos its a 52 reg gets his comeuppance when you disappear into the distance!


Im going to have to say the turbo conversion as mine is nearly done;) but boy oh boy do i like the Cup my mate Tim 172 has one what a track day car :D i wish i could have both, Matt.

I really have to find that elusive money tree... ;)

Id love a Cup (for the warranty, newness - ok, so Im just as bad as anyone else for having the latest gadgets! - and handling) but a Turbo would be the nuts. Sheer speed and the wow-factor... Ooh, if I was rich!

Definetly the Turbo...

I liked Waynes Cup so so much, tho.. but a Turbod Mk1 Clio is something else.


turbo definitely. But I would say that. I could have got myself a 172 or a cup by now with all the money Ive spent. But that would be missing the point. I love the Valver Ive had for 4 years, I love how it looks, how it handles, how it goes, everything, so why not make it devastatingly fast as well? It will never be for sale so why not push the boat out? Probably the only thing that I *would* like from the newer cars is air con and no sunroof. But I can open the windows I suppose!