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Young driver - multiple vehicle insurance

  Renault Clio 1.6 Rsi
Morning all,
Just curious as to if anyone has any experience insuring multiple vehicles as a young driver and not having to sell a kidney to do so?
I'm 22 and have 4 vehicles only two of them are currently on the road which is quite easy to navigate insurance wise but the other two are now ready and it would be nice to have them all on the road under one policy with the option to add another when the clip is done.
Any input is appreciated,
I'm with Flux and had 3 cars on my policy last year. Still have 2 cars now on limited miles and they were the best for price. Greenlight just weren't helpful in the slightest and had someone on the other end of the phone that probably didn't even know what a f**king car was


ClioSport Club Member
Bit older at 31, but keep getting the best deal with Admiral for four cars including modifications. Always very helpful and friendly over the phone too.


ClioSport Trader
  Renault 5
Just tried flux, cracking bloke on the phone, always seem to know their stuff, just un-competitive!
Thanks for the positive feedback with regards to your customer experience. Pity we could't help with a competitive premium though.