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Zorst for a 172 mk1

What would u guys suggest?I have a Mk1 172, and wanting to do a full exhaust with a decat pipe and chucking a BMC carbon kit in as well.

What PIPE would u guys in the know suggest?Will I have to mod the ECU if I change the CAT Converter?Does the BMC Carbon dynamics kit live up to its price?

DUDE, im in South Africa!!Thanks though,:D

What I need to know is what size pipes should i look at -53mm:confused:?and if the cat is removed will the ecu still be fine or do i need a chip as well?

i dunno where the lambda sensors on the 172 are??:confused:

60-63mm throughout, no cat and no fancy tailpipe (tailpipes which size up make it drone, and twin tailpipes make it drone even more).

Thanks, going for the 63 mm next week...and a BMC induction with cold air feed.will let u guys know what the gains are.