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Recent content by Cam197

  1. Cam197

    Mk3 heater blower removal and replace

    so do I need to get my fingers into the flaps to sort this 😂 Short term if I can get the air to come into the car I will be happy. I guess a motor has gone somewhere within the unit. As you’ve had the unit out do you know if the the motor can be replaced or is it all one unit?
  2. Cam197

    Mk3 heater blower removal and replace

    I think I may have a similar issue on my 200....i can hear the fan working at the 4 speed settings however it’s almost as if there’s a flap within the blower that’s stuck and not allowing the air out. Did yours stop working all together?
  3. Cam197

    'The Supercar Event' 23 & 24th June

    Anyone else going to this?
  4. Cam197

    Goodwood supercars.

    I was the 197 next to the 200 if that makes sense haha
  5. Cam197

    Free tickets for festival of speed! Book before thursday 3rd may

    Follow this link As above up to 4 free tickets on offer per person!! Put it on local section as limited offer and wanted you guys to get first shout!! Put this up on also but if anyone can pm...
  6. Cam197

    Segensworth Roundabout - LY R27

    Next it will be blowing kisses!! Good to see more people local!!
  7. Cam197

    Peter Saywell at Goodwood 31'st March

    Is anyone planning to meet in the easteligh area and go from there?
  8. Cam197

    Blue 197 *CAM Southampton

    Yeah thats me sorry did see you flash this afternoon but didn't get a chance to save back. ;-) see you monday morning!!
  9. Cam197

    The Shire Horse Pub Maidenhead - 7.30pm Wed 14th March = CANCELLED

    Re: The Shire Horse Pub Maidenhead - 7.30pm Wed 14th March Can't make this, shame would have been good to meet more people!
  10. Cam197

    Peter Saywell at Goodwood 31'st March

    1. Dagenham Dustbin (Chris) 2. Fletcher 3. atouba 4. original boy racer 5. cam197
  11. Cam197

    Longbridge Mill Basingstoke 7.30pm Wednesday 22nd February

    I hope no one minds, joined today and someone pointed me in the direction of this meet, should be able to make it for 7.30, is anyone else heading up from Eastleigh way? 1. atouba 2. BigDaveTrophy 3. tom172Cup 4. Cub 172 5. Trophy Claude 6. Joah 7. Megzy 8. Sarah182Cup 9. chrisbest0000 10...
  12. Cam197

    New member from Southampton

    Yeah mate, thought it would be rude not too. Never got round to it!!
  13. Cam197

    New member from Southampton

    Hello, Quick introduction, my names Cam i live in Southampton. Currently driving an Albi 197, made a step up from a 1.2 in January and loving life in it. Hopeing to get to some meets in the near future in the South and meeting a few of you.