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Recent content by cswalmsley

  1. cswalmsley

    What do people spend on their cars ?

    Had mine 8 years now and spent loads on it as you can imagine. It needs belts doing on it again as well 😔
  2. cswalmsley

    James' Clio 220 Trophy

    Nice one James! I drove just a normal 200edc round Bedford on a Renault sport day and loved it and that's with the 'poor' box as people say. I bet this is a great car to drive.
  3. cswalmsley

    Can Anyone Help . . . . . . . . . PLEEEEEEASE

    Screaming out for a fabia splitter that is Marc 🤣🤣 I smashed my carbon splitter in 3 pieces before and felt exactly the same. I ordered mine from Ktec about 4 years ago though. Didn't realise they had stopped doing them. Wait until after Xmas and give them a call to see if they can sort...
  4. cswalmsley

    ## WARNING ## @ BLOKE

    Why has it been opened up again?
  5. cswalmsley

    Z4 3.0

    What's the toaster joke. It rings a bell but I can't recall what it's about. Shame about the car as well!
  6. cswalmsley

    VW T3/T25 Project

    Best purchase you've done so far. Will be watching this
  7. cswalmsley

    Geeing up some interest

    Does your mate still have the Monaco 172 on the 17's? I remember it being really clean
  8. cswalmsley

    Geeing up some interest

    Bring yours along Dave 🙈
  9. cswalmsley

    CSF20 ClioSport Festival 2020 - Book Tickets Now!

    Pizza has deffo been the best food so far from the ones we have had. Looking forward to this.
  10. cswalmsley

    CSF20 ClioSport Festival 2020 - Book Tickets Now!

    I think the middle one is more appropriate 🤣
  11. cswalmsley

    Geeing up some interest

    I'm up for it Don. I'll see if Wayne and Kim are too. I remember we went out around Xmas time before for food and was a good turnout of 20 or so people. Was over Stafford I think? @wayne9989 @LY_Kimmy_182 fancy anything?
  12. cswalmsley

    OEM Front speaker differences

    Go aftermarket. The cabasse ones aren't that good anyway.
  13. cswalmsley

    Kangoo Compact (aka Racevan3)

    Looking forward to seeing this unfold!
  14. cswalmsley

    Alarming PS4 security breach

    Imagine if it's from when the Op Mrs has been round neighbours when OP away to log in to PS4 to Netflix and chill..... 😂😂😂😂
  15. cswalmsley

    Clio 172 Cup Efi final map

    Give it a good ragging! They are made for it. 😂 I still keep seeing you about around wolves and Bilbrook I think the other week maybe?