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Recent content by George@RTR_Parts

  1. George@RTR_Parts

    I need help with rear brake disc

    Cheers @JamesBryan the above spacers must be fitted/refitted both sides behind the rear discs on the 172/182 I get them made up locally and lots on the shelf @DriftKing send me a PM more photos/info off them on RTR Parts...
  2. George@RTR_Parts

    *** Road Track Race Parts Free prize draw sun strip *********

    Enter in the link (y)
  3. George@RTR_Parts


    Free RTR Parts sunstrip , enter in the link (y)
  4. George@RTR_Parts

    Michelin themed RB 182

    looks decent that mate (y)
  5. George@RTR_Parts

    That slow build thread - Clio 172 Cup (Sprint/Track Car)

    No worries Sam, happy to help mate. Those will sort your brakes out (y) I can supply the front bearings aswel, SNR are the OE fit and ones to use, drop me a PM i'll get those out for you if not got them already @Sam1008
  6. George@RTR_Parts

    New 182 owner

    welcome along (y)
  7. George@RTR_Parts

    Rear Discs and Pads

    I can supply the Motrio and various other OE pads, you won't go wrong with the Brembo oe pads @Márquez6
  8. George@RTR_Parts

    Rear Discs and Pads

    Renault OE discs have the proven wheel bearings fitted (the cheaper discs don't seem to last, so i stock/recommend the Renault for that reason) . Good quality oe pads if mostly road use , check the little discs washers are fitted/re-fitted behind the rear discs, they often get thrown away...
  9. George@RTR_Parts

    Hi all

    welcome along (y)
  10. George@RTR_Parts

    Fitting rear camber shims

    No worries Andy, happy to help (y) They catch a lot of people out the spacer washers, so i spread the word as much as I can, and tell every 172/182 owner about them when they ask about rear discs As above Tapered side Towards car and re-torque hub nut to 175NM
  11. George@RTR_Parts

    Fitting rear camber shims

    Thanks all, just got your PM Andy , I can get you sorted with the Renault rear discs and spacers washers, on the shelf so can have them Tuesday mate (y)
  12. George@RTR_Parts

    Another Clio 182 Track Car

    No worries Andy , happy to help mate, thanks again . Looks like you're having fun with it, they're great car to get into track days with (y)
  13. George@RTR_Parts

    Mutilple pile up at donington in the ktec race.

    I was there watching my mates in the 5club mx5s . I didn't see it happen , but I saw a lot of misshaped cars getting put back on trailers