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Recent content by George@RTR_Parts

  1. George@RTR_Parts

    Isle of Skye Tour Pics

    Looks stunning. I will get up there at some point, my friend has family on Isle of Lewis and we keep talking about going up, but it's a fair drive up from Yorkshire !
  2. George@RTR_Parts

    Dan's road + track 182

    Looks a decent project, plenty track and race cars running oe brake set up with some suitable pad compounds , decent fluid and brake cooling from the front fogs. I can you sorted with the brakes and other parts , clutches , Powerflex and oe bushes etc. Send me a PM if want any info/help
  3. George@RTR_Parts

    Nice Spot

    Nice that (y)
  4. George@RTR_Parts

    Hi, I’m new with a clio, but have lots of megane’s

    Welcome along , some collection that mate (y)
  5. George@RTR_Parts

    Hard brake pedal

    BTT should be able to help with the vacuum line. If wanting to change/upgrade the brakes for track, send me a PM as I can supply various discs, pads, fluid, braided lines (kits and custom both Goodridge and Hel) , OE Renault brake lines etc etc (y)
  6. George@RTR_Parts

    Midlife crisis toy lol

    cheers @Darren S . Welcome along @del 172 , i can supply various parts, including lots of brake parts, discs/pads/fluid/braided lines etc etc, get in touch if need any help
  7. George@RTR_Parts

    Discs, pads and fluid!

    If doing plenty of track days the front DS1.11 are certainly worth considering. Plenty 172/182 track and race cars now running these , cost more initially but wear well so work out good VFM as not replacing them as often, work well from cold, and are kind on discs. Need any help get in touch...
  8. George@RTR_Parts

    Rear wheel bearing

    Should work, or try adding 1 x single spacer to cart in the listing , twice . Or send me a PM and I’ll sort them mate , cheers
  9. George@RTR_Parts

    Rear wheel bearing

    These are the spacers James mentioned, these been missing or fitted wrong way round , along with wrong hub nut torque are main causes of rear bearings failing in the discs mate fit them Tapered side Towards car , flat side to bearing casing...
  10. George@RTR_Parts

    MTEC discs..anyone ever used them?

    Thanks again Dan! After using pretty much all the couriers going for RTR over the years, using DPD now and they've been spot on, it's also very close to the unit which is great. The 1 hour time slot text for delivery, saves you waiting in all day, and I send a lot of brakes/parts to garages...
  11. George@RTR_Parts

    New Petrol Blue!

    Welcome along, looks great
  12. George@RTR_Parts

    New comer : C2RS1

    Bonjour and welcome
  13. George@RTR_Parts

    Clean of the 197 and trophy

    Lovely, LY is an awesome colour
  14. George@RTR_Parts

    Evening All

    welcome along, how's the new car. Oulton is awesome