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  1. H2MRK

    172 Road legal track car

    There is a plastic slide clip on the outside of the connector that allows the loom to separate
  2. H2MRK

    New 182 owner - help needed!

    Could be power steering fluid.
  3. H2MRK

    How to convert PH2 172 fuel rail to PH1?

    Hi, yes no problem, DM me with your email address.
  4. H2MRK

    How to convert PH2 172 fuel rail to PH1?

    Send me a DM with your email address and I can send you instructions how to modify the sender and the rail.
  5. H2MRK

    Kangoo Compact (aka Racevan3)

    Can't wait to see this when you have converted it, still think it should be red......
  6. H2MRK

    Kangoo 182 Project

    Hi, yes i used the Clio 182 looms and then spliced these into the Kangoo plugs for lights & dash switches etc.
  7. H2MRK

    This just fell off my 182? Any ideas?

    If you are unsure where it came from, I would advise not to drive it, as if from the aux pulley the aux belt could come off and take out the cam belt
  8. H2MRK

    This just fell off my 182? Any ideas?

    Just looked again, it could be the aux belt idler
  9. H2MRK

    This just fell off my 182? Any ideas?

    Rear wheel bearing?
  10. H2MRK

    Mossy's Cars

    It was on eBay a few weeks ago, was just down the road from me in Ascot, think it sold as add was only up for a few days.
  11. H2MRK

    182 won't start - help!

    Yes that's the one, slide the covering back and check it.
  12. H2MRK

    182 won't start - help!

    Yes, not sure if your car will have it as running different ECU, but on a standard 182 there is a earth wire on the loom that passes over the top of the gearbox
  13. H2MRK

    182 won't start - help!

    Have you checked the earth wire from the loom that attaches to the back of the gearbox?
  14. H2MRK

    Suspension cup pack - DO I HAVE IT? (Sorry for posting this!)

    54mm / 60mm references to the bolt spacing on the front shocks (gap between centres) , see red markings on this photo:
  15. H2MRK

    Kangoo f4r

    I used the Clio looms and then for lights etc just swapped over the plugs to fit the Kangoo lights and dash switches.