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Recent content by hipwell

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    Flow Flex Dogbone

    Yeh you shouldbt need to file anyway, just drill out the old rubber, cut the outer ring with a hacksaw and then the old bush will tap out. Then for the new one just push it in and then press the metal tube in
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    Flow Flex Dogbone

    Looks to me like it just pushes in from one side and then you press in the metal tube, similar to ppwerflex but in one part. I'd just get ppwerflex to be fair, tried and tested for years, I've never heard of flow flex
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    Part Question Near Cat

    Which part? One is the anti roll bar and the other is the gear shift linkage
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    182 spoiler brake light - not working

    Is it a cup spoiler or non cup? Non cup items are still available
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    Flywheel locking tool

    There's a hole near the driver side drive shaft. It shows you a picture of it in the workshop manual which is posted online
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    Bit of a niche question - Partner on your insurance

    Same. Admiral with all mods declared was a reasonable price on my civic, it was a complete pain in the arse trying to even get a quote out of sky and Adrian flux so I gave up and just renewed with admiral. They literally charged me nex to nothing per mod anyway, I think it went up by 15 quid.
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    172 Cup cat to centre section fitting kit?

    Sorry I completely misread your post, I just assumed manifold to cat as the other one your after is literally just 2 nuts and bolts
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    172 Cup cat to centre section fitting kit?

    There's a kit for it on Renault parts direct. It's about 20 quid, it's 2 bolts 2 nuts, some washers and 2 springs
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    Caliper rebuild.

    I just pump the brake pedal untill the piston falls out, no need for an air line ;)
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    Should I get the belts done before trying to sell?

    They probably aren't tbh. You only hear of the bad ones, every Clio owner in the country doesn't post on here to tell us their timing is spot on after a belt change
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    Clio 182 MOT Fail - Emissions

    Yeh I'd stick a pre cat lambda sensor in, post cat doesn't really do anything. You could try swapping them over, but if they are both the same ages then likely both are past it. Is it an OEM cat? My 182 had a pattern cat on it and failed the mot every year, I then managed to get a genuine 182...
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    Brake pipe ‘bung’

    Yeh itl be fine. But jamming the pedal to the floor with a piece of wood between it And the seat also works
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    Should I get the belts done before trying to sell?

    To be fair these must be the only car I've come across where people on forums treat belt changes like some kind of holy ritual, and if the belt wasn't done by the chosen specialist it's worthless lol. It's a Renault clio lol, not a lambo
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    Treating wishbones before fitting?

    I had some orange powder coated ones, wasn't a spot of rust on them when I sold the car
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    Should I get the belts done before trying to sell?

    Yeh your average punter isn't going to pay an additional 500 quid because you says it's had the belts done. I'd just advertise it at around the ballpark figure, knowing that you will probably get knocked down 500 or so due to the belts. You never know, some idiot who doesn't know any better...