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    Sunderland ??

    There’s a few other pages like French north east, rs197/200, etc There’s a drive out happening soon. And there’s a few various other meets organised. You missed one up at spillers car park 2 weeks ago, maybe 12/13 cars turned up.
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    LY 200 A1 Northbound Wetherby

    That was me! Was on way back from RS tuning getting the meg'd 200 mapped. :grin:
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    I bought TTK release day for ps4, never played destiny before, so had to start at the beginning, loving it so far, only level 11 😌 but I'll get there. I have a stone that instantly puts a character to level 25 but didn't want to use it. Counting down the hours till I finish work to play...
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    LY 182! (With a little bit of vee)

    Iv gone sensible ish. Bought an A5 tfsi quattro. Loving it so far, so smooth and the interior is a class above any Clio lol but we'll see how long it lasts...
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    LY 182! (With a little bit of vee)

    Was a bit of a spur of the moment thing really. Just woke up one day and decided I needed a change, posted up saying I was thinking about selling and got offers I couldn't really say no too. But glad I did now.
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    LY 182! (With a little bit of vee)

    To think I've sold both these now. Barely had to advertise them, and they took less than 48 hours each to sell
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    Blue 172/182 seaton deleval

    @Stu- #rep
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    LY 182 Clio

    Such an awesome colour. Naaaa, I got that one
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    Clio meets in northeast

    @Knuckles you going then?
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    Clio meets in northeast

    Metro centre, toys r us car park, 6pm. I can't come i have a christening to attend :(
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    Clio meets in northeast

    There about as common as a blue moon
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    Tyre fitting in newcastle

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    LY 182! (With a little bit of vee)

    Yeah it did, they looked crap tbh, and wheni took them off it looked like they had been butchered a little bit to fit.
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    LY 182! (With a little bit of vee)

    Too rights i did. When we going back!? :') Aye totally standars apart from them. Your the 4th person to say sell it to me, i think you should all start a bidding war :neutral:
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    LY 182! (With a little bit of vee)

    I'm sure it was around the 70-80 mark.