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  1. Jack!

    MarkCup's Porsche Cayman

    Newer switchable systems might be much better, but on early ones, like my TTS, and possibly Mark's Cayman, they're just not that good IME. I honestly think a good set of passives on my TT would be better both for comfort and track than the switchable system.
  2. Jack!

    T5-R seller on crack?

    Selling to clear gambling debt. Just the sort of person I want to buy a car from, someone who skimped on maintenance because he hath not a pot in which to piss.
  3. Jack!

    My New Volvo 240

    Your dad often steal from your neighbours?
  4. Jack!

    My New Volvo 240

    Best synonym I've heard for nonce yet!
  5. Jack!

    Dilemma... C7 RS6 or R8 V10+

    Ask everyone what car to buy, 80% say R8, doesn't buy R8. CS standard I believe.
  6. Jack!

    Home Furniture / Decor Thread

    Without getting too philosophical, this comment feels like somewhat of an indictment of modern life.
  7. Jack!

    All in one computer

    Yeah, that's what shell mode means, although apparently it's actually clamshell. Just seems like the best option to me. Problem with an all-in-one is say the screen has issues, you're gonna have to throw away a perfectly good PC because the screens broken. Unless you daisychain a second monitor...
  8. Jack!

    All in one computer

    Seem utterly pointless to me. Not as easy to replace parts/repair as a desktop, and not as portable as a laptop. Any reason not to use the laptop in shell mode and connect it to external monitor and peripherals?
  9. Jack!

    Volvo Project Fail

    The impact of lockdown on sanity - Colourised (2021).
  10. Jack!

    EH?. . . WHAT?... Sound deadening.

    Someone on here had a ridiculously clean Arctic Blue 182 that they put sound deadening in, can't remember who it was. Others might remember it, I remember it because it was the most meticulously well kept car I think I've ever seen, was perfect.
  11. Jack!

    Gaming monitor suggestions (Xbox/PS)

    The only thing I would add is, from my experience, once you start using a monitor with low latency, plus you're sat closer to it, you get used to it, and then when you want to use a TV it feels inferior and slightly frustrating.
  12. Jack!


    ShopTo is 100% legit, probably one of the best with the likes of Base and GameCollection.
  13. Jack!

    M1 Mac's

    Game changer? Can it stroke my dick for me now or something or do I just a get a few more hours out of it while stroking myself?
  14. Jack!

    I buy some sh*te

    White with Free Candy on the side.
  15. Jack!

    Williams , Nut & Bolt Resto

    See it all the time with companies that sell stuff to clean or protect footwear. They do a demo vid showing them turning some muddy trainers into spanking clean, but it's always fresh few hours old mud, never the kind of general dirt and grease that builds up from normal wear, so it's...