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Recent content by James20VT

  1. J

    ***Karen’s Nurburgring Pics***

    looks like it was a good day out!! cheers for the photos :)
  2. J

    pictures of my coupe 20VT

    paddy, will get some side shots tomoz mate if its sunny, some scenic shots :) the coupe is a bird magnet :D the scooby is sort of to, but the coupe is so much smoother and better to drive. yeah the scooby is AWD and same size engine etc (but its 16v) but you see so many Scoobys over here...
  3. J

    pictures of my coupe 20VT

    yeah i had one in Portofino Blue with same bodykit, but standard alloys, i had ordered Azev As for it, but sold them as i sold the car. GTI-R went straight away, Scooby i still have, but am going to get it advertised in the paper on tuesday, and taking the scooby around some garages to see if...
  4. J

    pictures of my coupe 20VT

    i had a couple in their 60-70s yesterday looking around my car while i was in Spa... i come out and the guy started asking me questions what it was etc... "it should have wings and be flying!" lol! i laughed and agreed it is a nice car. the lady seemed suprised a young lad like me was driving...
  5. J

    pictures of my coupe 20VT

    hey dudes thought id post a few pics of my new coupe 20VT, just had new bodykit and alloys fitted yesterday Zender bodykit 18" Azev C alloys
  6. J

    Racing suits - help

    Hi all me and the girlfriend are running cars in the sprints in Jersey end of August. im running my Subaru Impreza, Renault 5 GT Turbo (stripped & uprated) and she is running her dads E-Type Jaguar V12 (which is hill climb/sprint tuned) however she needs to get hold of fireproof Racing...
  7. J

    Idea For Cliosport its on the front of home page.
  8. J

    Meanwhile...over on Scoobynet

    Scoobynet is great, and u always garunteed a good read with something interesting or a well balanced opinion helped me loads since i got my scooby. as i had a clio williams 2, i have respect for the clio aswell, i loved the car, was great, shouldnt have got rid of it really, but i wanted the...
  9. J

    Just test drove a 182 ! * PHOTOS *

    duno if its just me or light on the photos.... does the 182 seem too be a bit wider? it seems too curve out below the windows? nice one dai
  10. J

    What did you drive before Clio’s 1998 Mini cooper Si John cooper works engine conversion superchipped full black leather interior :D
  11. J

    my car has gone up

    have u already signed the agreement etc?
  12. J

    What systems are you all running then

    P4 2.8ghz 1gig ram radeon 9800pro 17@ LCD tft Sound blaster audigy 2 5.1 surround speakers lol :p for the pulsar, so far ive decided on... (Headunit) Alpine CVA-1004RR - £579.99 (Cd Changer) Alpine CHA-S634 - £164.99 (mono Amp) MRD-M300 - £169.99 (4 channel...
  13. J

    Bass without bass box

    wheres the box gonna go?? in the bonnet?:confused: