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pictures of my coupe 20VT

  UR R26R.5, VW Golf R

Beautiful, always loved these cars, and almost got one before I had my first Williams 3. Really nice bud :)

[Edited by Scutchio on 3/26/2005 2:59:15 PM]

very nice mate, love the azevs, they really suit the car.

Im getting one next (once our house extension is more or less finished)
(ive been on fccuk for a bit now too, ive seen you on there) plus a few others from here are on there too.

i had a couple in their 60-70s yesterday looking around my car while i was in Spa... i come out and the guy started asking me questions what it was etc... "it should have wings and be flying!" lol! i laughed and agreed it is a nice car. the lady seemed suprised a young lad like me was driving something like that hehe!

nice to have compliments from the elder people, instead of complaints! :)

yeah i had one in Portofino Blue with same bodykit, but standard alloys, i had ordered Azev As for it, but sold them as i sold the car.

GTI-R went straight away, Scooby i still have, but am going to get it advertised in the paper on tuesday, and taking the scooby around some garages to see if they will put it up for sale in their fore court.

had no luck with a Escort Cosworth come up for sale yet, so keeping this coupe for now till the right one comes along!
  Titanium 182

whats it like compared to the subaru and gtir

how come u keep buying and selling them so fast bud!?
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

nice example that mate, was looking at one a bit back, but decided against it in the end!

nice motors tho, especially that urs :D

paddy, will get some side shots tomoz mate if its sunny, some scenic shots :)

the coupe is a bird magnet :D the scooby is sort of to, but the coupe is so much smoother and better to drive.

yeah the scooby is AWD and same size engine etc (but its 16v) but you see so many Scoobys over here now, and it just gets boring, people dont look at them in the same way they used to. Atleast when someone sees my coupe... its the only one in jersey with this setup, with exception to my old one with the same bodykit... but the guy has different wheels to mine, so its different and ull only see it in 1 place at a time!!!

i change my cars so quick and often coz i havent found a car which ive been 100% satisfied with that it makes me want to keep it for a good few years.... but coming back to the Coupe must be a sign that its the best car to my liking so far... although the Williams has been the best handling FWD car ive owned to date..

Got Coilovers coming down for the coupe on Tuesday when i order them, which will give me a drop of 30-70mm range, so should be looking alot better soon.

the coupe is much more smooth and controlled power compared to the scooby and gti-r, scooby feels like your towing something when accelerating, but thats due to the 4WD transmission id have thought...
  Not a Clio

love the car and the colour!

Edit: In fact after seeing how nice yours is I would consider one as my next car! Group 19 insurance though according to parkers!