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Recent content by JamieHenderson23

  1. JamieHenderson23

    Violent judder and loss of drive

    Cheers mate, everyone speaks highly of his work from what I've seen. Just on getting a quote to get it sent there.
  2. JamieHenderson23

    Violent judder and loss of drive

    Cheers lads, so I've managed to get it out and span it over by hand, feels like its not very smooth and knocks constantly. Look like they're hens teeth to get ahold of and Renparts are struggling to get them in. Guess It's rebuild time...
  3. JamieHenderson23

    Violent judder and loss of drive

    Bit of a strange one, got one of the last 172 Ph2s made so as I've now learned has a 182 box in it. For a while its had a tendency to jump out of 3rd and 4th gears when under no load (Dogbone is fine and box isn't moving around.) Now when accelerating gently in any gear, there's a violent...
  4. JamieHenderson23

    Mk3 bulb change - information required.

    I took the bumper off.. 10 bolts i think 20 min job but for the fogs, on the bottom of the bumper there ar 2 removable flaps to get the bulbs out. easy! no need to take it to the stealers for a bulb change lol
  5. JamieHenderson23

    Trophy T2PHY Sacriston

    Yea ive seen this alot recently usually parked in Langley Park behind the tyre garage.
  6. JamieHenderson23

    Dash help!!

    Yea thats what i thought thanks.
  7. JamieHenderson23

    Dash help!!

    I'm thinking of having a crack at converting my dash to LED and was wondering if i buy another set of clocks and solder new LEDs in them would it just be a plug and play job?? or is the mileage stored in the clocks?