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Recent content by Martin_172

  1. Martin_172

    James' Clio 220 Trophy

    Man everytime I see a LY I miss my old one so bad!
  2. Martin_172

    MK3 Clio 1.2 16V swap to 1.2 TCe?

    sell your current car and buy a car with a TCE from the factory is the easiest option you need to change engine, gearbox, wiring, and ecu its labour intensive
  3. Martin_172

    Martin's Clio DCi Van

    Getting there slowly, rear beam and fuel tank are off the 182 Shell is gone
  4. Martin_172

    1.5dci cambelt

    wouldn't be in a hurry to change it lol, I got a quote to do hers sure it was around £400 but in reality it worked out a much better decision to just chop it in for a new one at that miles lol
  5. Martin_172

    1.5dci cambelt

    £600 for a 1.2 8v!!!!!! comedy! sure the belt interval is either 5yrs/72k or 6yrs/100k both ring a bell! we traded my birds in at 5yr old 160k on the standard belt, looked good to me when I checked it 😂
  6. Martin_172

    Initiale dCi Daily Project (yes, diesel.)

    looking forward to seeing how you get on with the black one, I was tempted by it when I seen it on ebay too!!!
  7. Martin_172

    PH2 172 stealth exhaust - how many are there? and which one!

    I bought a brand new standard genuine system for my last one, from memory it was about £400 and sounded perfect, 2yrs later I heard it had snapped off lol
  8. Martin_172


    Front tyres are a bit wide for snow but they seem to cope pretty well being a light car with plenty weight over the front end. My Clio van on its standard steelys was amazing in the snow
  9. Martin_172

    Really feint hesitation/miss at light throttle

    I've had similar with a dodgy throttle body and it's a reasonable common issue. They are expensive nee so I'd try a 2nd hand one first
  10. Martin_172

    Trophy Sachs Dampers

    Better with a set of apex dampers, they last longer at £45 each 😂
  11. Martin_172

    Ren Breakers

    I got one from cliospares years ago, turned up damaged, the bits at the windscreen side where it comes to a point where bent, I just fixed it as the car wasn't a garage queen but best bet is always collect it or at least go via paypal
  12. Martin_172

    Trophy Sachs Dampers

    Assume he will have them up for a long time to come lol
  13. Martin_172

    Trophy Sachs Dampers

    £600, has the fluid been replaced by liquid gold mixed with Charlie?
  14. Martin_172

    Really feint hesitation/miss at light throttle

    to save loads of reading, stick an updated summary post with everything you have changed so far so we can see what's left and see if we can get to the bottom of it
  15. Martin_172

    Renault Scenic II 2.0 T vs Megane RS 2.0T Engine diferences

    I believe the 2.0t 165 is a VVT engine and the 225 does without VVT?