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Recent content by Martin_172

  1. Martin_172

    Uneven exhausts

    This is why I went ktec centerline, sits perfect 100% of the time
  2. Martin_172

    Refurb hell!

    Small claims court If your stubborn. If not put it down to bad experience go somewhere better and leave bad reviews everywhere as above.
  3. Martin_172

    Anyone used EDGE Automotive Interiors?

    A few had their interiors done at the dealers via edge when the 200 was new and the quality looked outstanding
  4. Martin_172

    I want another clio sport!!

    running costs are a big jump up from a 182 to a 197/200 as long as you bear that in mind then they are a great car!
  5. Martin_172

    Trophy #277

  6. Martin_172

    3D Printed 1*2 Cupholder

    great idea, design leave a bit to be desired, not fancy re designing the handbrake cover to incorporate it into that? or at least round the corners etc to follow the lines of the handbrake cover
  7. Martin_172

    Internal model designations

    X65 for the mk2
  8. Martin_172

    Twingo GT

    Its already running a similar spec to yours, EFI mapped 150hp/160lbft. Think I'm re-shelling it into a facelift, project thread to come as soon as the van is finished lol
  9. Martin_172

    What are the common problems of the 197 /200 clio rs

    I love them, not sure id have another, changing the exhaust manifold on the garage floor was f**king horrendous then the centre silencer died and the only way it seemed to rectify it without getting a flat spot was an akrapovic at £1200, which sounded mint then the gearbox went and before I got...
  10. Martin_172

    Twingo GT

    Yeah this will be my 3rd had an rs tuner powered one and an rs tuning powered gordini
  11. Martin_172

    Twingo GT

    Awesome cars! I've bought another too last week!
  12. Martin_172

    W Reg Clio RSI 1.6 16v modetc advice

    There is or was a member on here called Oliver k4m or somthing like that who has done a bit of tuning to these engines. I wouldn't put too much money into modding it, as you say not many about anymore I would look to keep it clean and tidy up any bits needing it and just enjoy it for what it is
  13. Martin_172

    K4M and F4R Exhaust manifold difference

    Trw performance sell turbo manifolds for k4m
  14. Martin_172

    Beam bolt torque

    I torqued it up RFT
  15. Martin_172

    So I've bought the DC5 replacement.. (Evo Content)

    Maybe it's just up here but they don't seem to give a s**t or check for anything lol seen loads go thru with no issues