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  1. Matt555

    LY Clio 197 Turbo

    Best of luck, looks a nice car, but I'd consider winding the power and torque back a bit, mine was mapped to a 'safe' 300/300 with it slightly rich at the top end to give some added protection on track, long story short I did four engines and finally got shut.
  2. Matt555

    All 197/200’s on the forum. Get in here!

    197 Megane powered 300/300 I built And 197 I picked up last week to keep na for track days
  3. Matt555

    anti theft wallet (keyless entry) and software updates

    We use Mission Darkness faraday bags for our landrover (got them from amazon), work perfectly, car won't open if you're stood next to it with the keys in the pouch
  4. Matt555

    Boosted Clio engine bay

    I removed the rear rubber strip on the scuttle to allow airflow out, had a couple of focus RS style bonnet vents and made the front grills removable for track use
  5. Matt555

    Impact Gun...(again)

    I got a DeWalt cordless one for Christmas, it's epic. Best tool I have
  6. Matt555

    Clio RS250ish

    Received the panels from CCF this week so gave them a quick spray with Halfords satin black then chucked them on to see how they fit. Also dropped the engine in to free some space up in the garage Bonnet fits fine but headlight blanks are going to need a bit of fettling
  7. Matt555

    Clio RS250ish

    Going to go black for the front bumper, wings, bonnet, side skirts and rear bumper and bright green for the rest. Ordered some custom made ie correct centre bore and offset TD Prorace 1.2 in gloss red with R888Rs as I can get a decent discount on them through someone I used to work with. After...
  8. Matt555

    Clio RS250ish

    Painted interior with silver hammerite for durability and went for a extra low subframe from @JON FOZ with a sparco fibreglass fia approved seat Ordered fibreglass boot, tailgate, headlight blanks and roof scoop from CCF, just waiting on them turning up which should be this week before can...
  9. Matt555

    Clio RS250ish

    I came to the conclusion that no matter how bad I am at it I need to have a go at sprinting/racing so logic dictated I needed a 172 so here we go again as there's no way I'm ruining the 197. The 172 above was cheap, very very cheap, but was an absolute shed. Every panel marked, water leak into a...
  10. Matt555

    Clio RS250ish

    Other problem we had was losing a take off from the intake plenum under boost so got some clamps to hold stuff in place. Only other thing done at the moment is making, well start making, a gauge pod for the dash. I didn't want something looking like we've just nailed the gauges in place so got...
  11. Matt555

    Clio RS250ish

    So been a while since I've updated this. Essentially since the last day at Oulton we replaced the track rod ends and did another track day and had a repeat of the ends failing, so clearly something was wrong... Got the car home and over the next week had a proper look at the hubs. Turns out...
  12. Matt555

    Clio RS250ish

    @Chris_Beer will do an update later. Few little bits done on the turbo but got myself a shed of a 172 to build into a race car with my daughter to go sprinting/ racing hopefully so that’s been taking up my time along with changing jobs which had been a pain in the ar$e
  13. Matt555

    Another Impact Wrench question...

    I got one of these for Christmas, it's epic. Hasn't broken a sweat with anything I've thrown at it
  14. Matt555

    First steps- Youve done quite a few track days.... then what?

    I'm also looking at this, though wont be using the 197 so have bought a 172 to convert. Just looking at series options at the mo - likely either production class in the tricolore or do a years sprinting first and see how it goes from there. Car was cheap as, next biggest costs will be cage, and...
  15. Matt555

    Daniels Blue 182.

    Got to be better, biggest difference will be a decent 3" exhaust. Oh yeah and I've bought another clio :grin: