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Recent content by mitch1503

  1. mitch1503

    Austin’s Clio dci 100 Initiale

    Ii it put up a fight and threw obsticles in the way but with persistence we managed to get past the niggles and get it all sorted
  2. mitch1503

    Looks like my bean got written off this aft :(

    My offer of buying still stands if you decide not to fix it.. be perfect for me to use as a track car
  3. mitch1503

    Looks like my bean got written off this aft :(

    Drop me a message with a Price for it once you've spoke 2 insurance.. I could be up for having it to repair for a track car rather than using my daily
  4. mitch1503

    What torque wrench to buy?

    If im not mistaken Halfords ones are made by Norbar.. Iv got a cheapy one aswel which iv put on a torque meter bench @ work and its around 3nm out so good enough imo to keep in the car rather than a wheel brace
  5. mitch1503

    UCH fault? Chattering relay knocking out electrics

    Holy batman thread revival! Yeah replaced UCH,ECU & Decoder ring as the UCH was the problem.. For rear light pull the light off & clean up the connections
  6. mitch1503

    What torque wrench to buy?

    All depends on what you're buying tbh
  7. mitch1503

    What torque wrench to buy?

    Want me to order it for you mate and all you should need to do is go in and collect it.. few of the lads have got tool sets that way off me lol
  8. mitch1503

    What torque wrench to buy?

    Halfords 1/2 60-300 is what iv got, got it with my trade card so a nice lil saving.. It's all you will need tbh
  9. mitch1503

    Running without retaining bolts

    He means stops them from spinning so easy to line bolt holes
  10. mitch1503

    Glowing & Smoking brake discs after a downhill 1*2

    Pads got room to expand when hot?
  11. mitch1503

    Standard 172 cat worth anything?

    Like i saod further up doing 160-180 in scrap last week for genuine 172 cat
  12. mitch1503

    The life of... SharkyUK's Trophy

    I can honestly say Mick is not the type of person to say you need this & that when you dont.. He takes great pride in his work and always does the job right, hell he even stayed back late one night to make sure the mrs megane was done as Reno dropped him in the s**t with a clutch and waited for...
  13. mitch1503

    Best place to buy new parts?
  14. mitch1503

    Best place to buy new parts?

    Just ring them and mention cliosport forum and he'l give you the discount and will check parts from using Reg.. They were brilliant when i needed a few bits for the Mrs 250 CUP Other option is Renaultpartsdirect who also offer a decent service