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Recent content by Naith

  1. Naith NorthWest Opener 2k18

    Northwesterners, Just like we used to do it back in the day, nice little meet to kick off the year. I’m not too into meets anymore and I’m old and boring but new year new me and all that s**t so I thought I’d put something together and the guys at P3 in Trafford Park have kindly said they’ll...
  2. Naith

    New 'Scene' Daily

    This is exactly what I'm after doing! Looks awesome.
  3. Naith

    ClioSport Festival 2017 - Book Tickets Now!

    No mate just the pipe work and too much boost for the hole [emoji28]
  4. Naith

    ClioSport Festival 2017 - Book Tickets Now!

    Good to see old and new yesterday. Cracking little event, I'll crash over next time, 100%. Wounded I pinged the sound limits on track as I had to go back out and sit on about 70% throttle, which isn't much fun. Hey ho. Thanks to all for organising!
  5. Naith

    Nickson's RenaultSport Megane 225 Trophy Progress Blog

    It's cold side yeh but jus whack a full unit in if you can. Speak to Mark about the turbo I'm sure he has one. Transforms the car but injectors are a must too if you've not already.
  6. Naith

    The Dark Knight.... Progress Thread

    Haha! Blame this stupid iPhone. DYNAMAT.
  7. Naith

    The Dark Knight.... Progress Thread

    Spent yesterday starting on a mockup for a rear diffuser. I'll have to remove the boot floor (it's cracked anyway) as it'll block the channel I'm going to create with the diffuser. Need to get either some CF or likewise I can sandwich some dynamite between as I cba with loads of road noise...
  8. Naith

    Cruise control & horn brackets for aftermarket steering wheels

    Looks great that. When/if you do any OMP spec ones please let me know.
  9. Naith

    My New Corolla T-Sport

    Looks really well that, nice to see it lowered. Not mad on the black rear strip but hey ho.
  10. Naith

    My 225 F1 on eBay.

    Cheap! Be lovely with a couple of hundred spent on it. I'll swap your forge cooler/recirc for a ktec cooler and an oem recirc if you wanna make a couple of quid besides the sale.
  11. Naith

    The Dark Knight.... Progress Thread

    Last week I had my badges redone, cleaned the car properly, bought a new LED white light interior kit and picked up some rubber. This weekend was a Supercar Driver event called Diamond 9. It was the second running of the event and was simply out of this world. I put some Contisport 5's on the...
  12. Naith

    The Dark Knight.... Progress Thread

    Haha for the first time ever it's doing better than hanging on in there. I need to invest in performance now though. Cars are getting quicker these days.
  13. Naith

    Sabelt Cruise control bracket & other sport wheels

    This gone? I'm in dire need of one.
  14. Naith

    The Dark Knight.... Progress Thread

    I got invited to a 'Supercar Days' trackday at Anglesey Trac Mon during mid July. AMAZING run down with a new R8, few GT4s, Huracan, GT3 and a Corvette. And theres me and my brother in a 12 year old Megane on its arse trying to keep up haha! Gotta be honest bar when you go a few mph beyond...