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Recent content by scullyg40

  1. scullyg40

    Clio 172 Phase 1 Immobiliser Issue

    If it's the immobiliser, you can have it deleted by EFI.
  2. scullyg40

    Maddy's PB Ph1 172 Track Inspired Show Car & Weekend Toy

    Please keep this updated, very interested to see the end result of your engine.
  3. scullyg40

    Clio 172 Croatia, 266 hp 250 nm

    I know, I'm Dutch. 😁😉
  4. scullyg40

    Clio 172 Croatia, 266 hp 250 nm

    That's understandable. No need to apologize for your Engish. I'm sure your English is better than pretty much every Englishman his Croatian. 😁
  5. scullyg40

    Clio 172 Croatia, 266 hp 250 nm

    Yes, what did you do to get this much horsepower? I'm interested in every stage. 😉
  6. scullyg40

    DOOM: Eternal

    I used to play this game some 20 years ago. 😎
  7. scullyg40

    Trailer size that is big enough for clio but fits in garage

    With a tyre rack in the front, nose weight will be over 100 kg.
  8. scullyg40

    Monaco 172 Track Car

    Did you sort out all the lights?
  9. scullyg40

    Trackday 172 and 130i daily

    Birthday presents from the wife. :)(y) And I made a fixed camera mount. I always had my camera on the side of the helmet, and this was far from ideal, as I had to adjust it every time I changed the battery, which means helmet on, take a picture, helmet off, look at the picture and repeat...
  10. scullyg40

    Track/race dashboard

    I only have the instrument panel.
  11. scullyg40

    How important is this alternator bracket?

    Don't know how important it is, but by the looks of it, it is meant to take axial loads, as in 90 degrees to the belt.
  12. scullyg40

    Fuel breather question

    Shouldn't it be only 'in'? Because when the fuel get's lesser, air should replace it?
  13. scullyg40

    Trackday 172 and 130i daily

    Maintenance time again. :cautious: Driving a track car isn't cheap. This is my 3rd set of brake pads already, and my second set of disks (not that they are expensive, but still), and I need another set of tyres, and my cambelt is coming up. The wife isn't going to be happy about this...
  14. scullyg40

    ABS DELETE help

    I guess the easiest way is to change for a full Cup brake setup.
  15. scullyg40

    Trackday 172 and 130i daily

    I had a bit of hose left from the brake cooling, and as my cold air intake had it's best time (I only had 1 intake left, and that was looking like it could fall apart every second), I decided that I would upgrade this a bit. The intake diameter is the same, but more smooth, and now I have 2...