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Sir_Dave's latest activity

  • Sir_Dave
    Sir_Dave reacted to IW365's post in the thread My 1 owner 172 cup with Like Like.
    Hi everyone, I've been lurking on the forum for a little while and asking the odd question. I thought I might do a thread on my 172 cup...
  • Sir_Dave
    Sir_Dave reacted to Daniel's post in the thread Making an offer - 172 Cup with Sad Sad.
    It’s long gone. Just punted it on as it was. Sold it to a mate that loves doing up old stuff so it will live another day. But it was...
  • Sir_Dave
    Sir_Dave replied to the thread Making an offer - 172 Cup.
    Feel free to sell it to me for £1k then. You beat me to it 😂
  • Sir_Dave
    Sir_Dave reacted to RyG's post in the thread RyG’s Porsche Cayman GT4 with Like Like.
    I learnt two things today. 1. This car is way way way more capable than I am. 2. @Dr Jekyll is better at taking pictures than I am.
  • Sir_Dave
    Sir_Dave replied to the thread RyG’s Porsche Cayman GT4.
    Appreciate the kind words @RyG even though for whatever reason, it just wasnt meant to be this time round 😩 As said previously said on...
  • Sir_Dave
    Got stance yo. Old, miley X5 in broken down shocker Went to drive it last Sunday and when putting Sophia in her seat (after the cold...
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