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Recent content by Speedy300

  1. Speedy300

    Reconditioned iPad Air

    Where is a good place to buy a reconditioned iPad Air from?
  2. Speedy300

    First track day advice for a 182

    Change the brake fluid for something with a high boiling point.
  3. Speedy300

    Ktec racing

    Mid range is better, defo worth it. Just don’t expect miracles...
  4. Speedy300

    Garage floor covering

    This is the one I bought about 4 years ago. Heavy Duty Large Rubber Gym Mat...
  5. Speedy300

    Garage floor covering

    I did exactly the same thing.
  6. Speedy300

    Hello - Newbie with a track spec 197

    Welcome. I remember reading your 306 gti project thread on PistonHeads!
  7. Speedy300

    MarkCup's BMW M140i

    I will pop up to Goodwood next Friday if the weather is good, see some live action!
  8. Speedy300

    Ep3 back from the dead ready for abuse

    Good figures, similar power to my EP3. Mine made 234 bhp but on TDI’s Norths dyno...
  9. Speedy300

    F30 330D XDrive

    Are the ZF auto boxes reliable?
  10. Speedy300

    Home cctv and phone apps? recommendations please!

    Not amazing, really you need security lighting as well.
  11. Speedy300

    Car number 35? SEAT Ibiza FR

    I had the older shape Ibiza FR TDI for a couple of years. It was great for commuting, fairly swift and cheap to run.
  12. Speedy300

    Clio being driven like a dick at Croft

    I wish my old Clio had a DRS button 😅
  13. Speedy300

    Home cctv and phone apps? recommendations please!

    I'm going for a similar set up. Seem like decent camera's.
  14. Speedy300

    Clio being driven like a dick at Croft

    Wow, some special driving...
  15. Speedy300

    182 values and useable track day car

    Welcome. This forum is full of track day car owners. The Mk2 Clio's are getting on a bit now so they are likely to all need a fair bit of maintenance. I've previously had a 182 as a daily then it became a 2nd car which I tracked and modified. Great cars on track but they are riddled with...