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Recent content by Speedy300

  1. Speedy300

    The £295k Impreza....

    Nearly £300k for that!! WTF
  2. Speedy300

    MarkCup's BMW M140i

    I was surprised by the result, expected a greater margin! Is the 330 more track bias then road bias?
  3. Speedy300

    A little photoshoot today

    Great photos, shows off the paintwork of the cars. And two stunning cars... :love:
  4. Speedy300

    MarkCup's BMW M140i

    The auto is very impressive but personally the extra involvement of a manual box is worth losing out on straight line performance. Ultimately it depends what you want from a car.
  5. Speedy300

    MarkCup's BMW M140i

    My M140i is on a ‘68 plate’ so must have the additional features. And yes I am sure it shows the digital speed as well. It takes at least 10 mins of driving to get the oil temperature right up, feels an age!
  6. Speedy300

    MarkCup's BMW M140i

    Good video Mark, both great cars I was seriously considering a FRS before I finally bought the BMW. You mentioned on the video about not having an oil temperature gauge but my M140i does via the trip computer scroll?
  7. Speedy300

    Track Car Options Clio 197/200 vs CTR

    I’ve had a Clio 182 and EP3 Type R (234bhp) as track day cars in the last few years. Wish I got a Clio 200 instead of the Civic. Civic’s require bigger budgets to get them to a decent (but faster) level. I doubt the FN2 would have been better than the EP3 on track. Therefore out of your two...
  8. Speedy300

    Mondial Blue Cup Track Car

    Good work. I agree the creature comforts are worth the extra weight even for a track car. I wish I was handy with a spanner, you clearly are!
  9. Speedy300

    MarkCup's BMW M140i

    I’ve got MSS’s on my mine at the moment but I am planning to switch to MPS4’s next so interested in how you get on.
  10. Speedy300

    Newbie greetings - I now have the racing bug - the £5k track challenge!?

    Good work. I loved my partially track prepared Clio 182 on track. What’s the spec?
  11. Speedy300

    New daily - E91 330d

    Good purchase! How does the performance compare to the M135i?
  12. Speedy300

    MarkCup's BMW M140i

    Goodwood tax 🤬
  13. Speedy300

    MarkCup's BMW M140i

    A YouTube, Peter Greaves (Petrol Ped). Worth a watch if you haven’t already. He spent £6k or so upgrading the mini, running 270 bhp with a LSD.
  14. Speedy300

    Reconditioned iPad Air

    Where is a good place to buy a reconditioned iPad Air from?
  15. Speedy300

    First track day advice for a 182

    Change the brake fluid for something with a high boiling point.