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  1. Subaru addict

    ***How much is it worth?***

    Hope I'm OK to post it here but I'm after some advice on how to value a car. 2003 clio 172 110k miles. Some history but does need cambelt and dephaser really. Stripped with £950 worth of welded in full cage and harness bar. Corbeaux revolution bucket seats. Harnesses. 30cm wheel. 15 inch OZs...
  2. Subaru addict

    Mk3 200 Meglio. Need help with horn and airbag.

    Hi all I have 59 200 Meglio. Has now developed an intermittent airbag light which is now on more than it is off and also horn almost never works. Possible squib issue but I'm utterly useless with electrics and after some help in Bracknel/ Berks area to diagnose and maybe code out. Obviously...
  3. Subaru addict

    Towing car capacities and driving to races

    2.2 diesel 295lbs/ft ridiculously cheap and 2 ton towing capacity. Gotta love autotrader!
  4. Subaru addict

    Towing car capacities and driving to races

    Iv just solved all your problems... ssangyong Korando. Brand new 17 to 18k with a 3k discount. Autotrader... Blurb says... This entry level Korando SE comes with a £2,000 discount! The best tow car on the road, It's not just us who think it. It's been awarded 'Tow Car of the year' 4 years in...
  5. Subaru addict

    Towing car capacities and driving to races

    Thinking a bit outside the box Is a pick up an option? You could get a double cab so you have 5 seats. Also do dacia do anything with a 2L diesel in it? They are cheap new?
  6. Subaru addict

    What is this part?

    Awesome thanks. Any idea what would be a sensible price?
  7. Subaru addict

    What is this part?

    Got a bunch of parts as part of a deal a while back. I have this which I assume is a brake and accelerator peddle assembly. But looking on eBay to price it up the ph2 172 parts look a bit different. This came from a ph2 172 as far as I know but can anyone identify?
  8. Subaru addict

    How do you go about pricing a track car?

    Don't know if I can ask this here but hopefully as its an innocent question. I picked up a fairly std 172 ph2 2.5 yrs back for £1500 and have thrown a good 2k at it with a professionally built welded full cage costing 960 from Tylah motorsport, Corbeau Revolution bucket seats, harnesses, 15...
  9. Subaru addict

    Immobiliser issue

    I had exact same thing a couple of months ago. Tried my spare key and it starts first time. The key I was normally using locks and unlocks on the remote but when put key in light flashes quickly and won't start. Spare works fine so tells me wiring is fine must be the key. Anyone know what can...
  10. Subaru addict

    RS2 Inlet, mapping & 182 manifold... worth it?

    JB21 r u still selling a 182 manifold? Would you post and how much?
  11. Subaru addict

    Flickering lights

    Hi I have a 2003 172 which is partially stripped out and used mostly on track. Noticed the other day the passenger side headlight was flickering when the lights were on and then noticed today the driver side side light bulb (I think - it' the inner of the 2 lights in the headlamp unit) is also...
  12. Subaru addict

    Noise limits

    Really hard to tell. Very dependant on condition and history etc. Rough ones still seem to get 7k+ nice ones can be double. Such a fantastically fun and brutally quick car! I ended up getting the Clio as I wanted to do track days and the Scooby is too nice to risk!
  13. Subaru addict

    Noise limits

    Cheers I nearly sold it 2 years back as had found a 07 Hawkeye with power station forged Cosworth engine build circa 400bhp even had porsche brakes! In the end decided to keep the Type R though as its just so raw
  14. Subaru addict

    Noise limits

    Less sensible Subaru! The Legacy does a good job towing the clip though!
  15. Subaru addict

    Noise limits

    Sensible Subaru...