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Recent content by Will2010T

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    SHOW & SHINE ENTRIES - Clio Sport Festival - Hosted by Shadow Sport UK

    Haven’t booked yet but if I could be on the show and shine stand I’ll come. 172 52, on 57k , has a trophy rep spoiler, lowered on sport lines, recaro tread lines of a 182, Ktec 182 look exhaust system. Other little bits.
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    leaking selector seal, gearbox leak fix

    hi did u manage to find a solution too the leaking? also how much for a seal to be replaced?
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    Gearbox oil leak

    Has your leaked again ? As may get this kit
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    Gearbox oil leak

    U mean a little how much ?
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    Gearbox selector seal kit repair

    Hi did u get parts from Renault ?, has it leaked since u did the fix ?
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    Front Renault Badge removel

    Hi how can I remove the front Renault badge on a mk2 phase 2 clio non sport as want to get it dipped ? Thanks will
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    Clio MK2 grill

    Thanks guys found a used one which was mint for £35 delivered as I'm not paying £70 for brand new as its only a small part
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    Clio MK2 grill

    Hi I want too buy a Sports grill for my non sport. Where is the cheapest place you can buy a brand new one from ? Thanks
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    MK2 Door Side Trims

    Thank you not hered about the stopper thing before most people say just pull haha thanks I'll give that a go !!
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    MK2 Door Side Trims

    Hi anyone got a way off safely removing the door side trims as want too wrap or paint them cheers
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    What size are the clio mk2 diamond badges

    hi I want too wrap my clio diamond badges on my mk2 clio on the front and back but I wondered if anyone has a actual size outline photo that I could have too cut the wrap too size cheers
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    Window Tint

    Cheers for the link
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    Window Tint

    hi I'm looking at tinting my back 3 windows as they are clear atm and want them too look that bit better but I'm unsure on 35% or 25% tiny anyone know what would look better on a mk2 black clio cheers
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    Clio side skirts

    Hi everyone, just a quick one do clio sport side skirts fit a non sport 1.2? This is just the skirts no other kit . Thanks
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    Car Covers good or bad?

    Yeah just going too put it on the car after it's been washed