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Recent content by youngarthur

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    Fast approaching middle age

    In my 40something, I took up a new hobby, parachuting, and have got replaced hip/thumb/and a few other scars to prove it.For some reason, you cannot solo jump over the age of 58 in this Country, otherwise I would be doing it now , at nearly 80 years old.
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    Fast approaching middle age

    Sorry to disagree, but 40 something makes you a teenager. I am nearly 80 years old, and just reached middle age.Please get your facts right!!?.
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    Twingo GT

    Thats my idea of a Twingo. Put a 225 engine in it, and ill take it.
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    Twingo GT

    The only thing I would sell my 250engine 197 for, would be a tuned twingo, or maybe a 595 I have a soft spot for both of these cars.
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    197/200 Brembo Conversion - Wheel Fitment Guide

    I run 18 inch rims, 340mm disks, no wheel spacers, on my 197, specs... I haven't a clue.
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    RS Clios for sale now

    My son ran a 220 for a while, and could not understand others complaints, as he had no trouble at all with it. Go look for yourself, If you are happy with it, then buy, and enjoy.
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    Whats with people 'Losing' Service history

    I have had my Meglio for a couple of years now, and spent a lot of money it. I had two folders, with receipts/mots etc, always kept in the same place.. Looking the other day, nothing.I have looked in Cupboards/draws, searched the place out. I live on my own, so no-one has thrown anything out...
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    High performance pads that still cope on the road.

    I run DS 1.11 in the Meglio, no squeal, excellent stopping power cold or hot, and they are used for Tesco, or the Track, BUT they have not been kind to the Alloys. I never experienced brake fade, or shuddering on track.My braking is get on, get off brakes, don't linger!. My son is now using...
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    Welcome, plenty of people on here, with knowledge/problem fixing etc.
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    Clio with Rotrex super charger

    Ha Kids stuff, I drive from Thurso to the ring, around 17 hours, 2 days at the ring, drove straight back, another 17 hours. Would have been quicker, but the Tunnel had a delay. You kids are too soft these days!.
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    Airbag Serv Lights.....Steering Fault....Braking fault.....wont start!....Help

    Check the earthing points. Disconnect the Battery for a few minutes. If you use the key fob, fit new battery. Let us know how you get on. I have had the same problem, but doing the above fixed it for me.
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    New to the forum [emoji4]

    Hi Paul, and welcome, Plenty of help on here if you need it. I am up near Thurso.
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    Subframe/Rails Recaros

    I will be selling my Recaros, but looking for some fibreglass recliners. The recaros are very comfortable, but very heavy,
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    Harness with my cage

    I used the Schroth fittings, but wondered on the strength of the tangs, so harness now have eye bolts.
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    New LY owner

    Welcome, plenty of knowledge on here if you ever need help/advice.I had an R26R, lovely car, but sold as I was putting too many miles on it.