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Recent content by youngarthur

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    Help us with some market research (AN fittings and hoses) Advocult motorsport

    I run a Clio 197, Megan 265 engine, 225 box running 320/340. Nearly all the items you mention above, I have on my car, but certainly, the idea of a Kit appeals If you haven't already, I would ask the same question on RSMegane forum.
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    Gaming headphones

    I don't have gaming headphones, but quite a few Over ear, in ear, buds etc. I would have thought something like Sony 700ds might work ok for gaming, but of course, they don't have a mike, but always possible to add one.
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    Clio limp mode

    It could be one of many things, get the ecu connected to diagnostics, otherwise, you will just throw Money at it.Sensor/abs ring, there is a long list of suspects.
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    Clio 16v track car from scrap

    I do admire the patience people have, to take on these sort of projects.
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    Adeys Twingo GT

    What a lovely car. I will go from meglio, to twinglio at some stage. Anyone got a twinglio to swap?!.
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    Hello from Venezuela!

    Hi Carlos, I am from Scotland. A lot of peculiar electrical problems can be earth related, someone on here, will be along with advice.NOW......... never mind the car, what is life like in Venezuela?.
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    Never rains but it pours...

    For me, it was either drain holes blocked under scuttle, fixed by clearing through with a drain rod, OR, drain holes in door blocked, which I cleared, and also sealed the speaker, as water was running down the inside of the door, and getting by the speaker. This was in my R26R, my 197 has not...
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    The New Phone Thread

    I have an iPhone XR. I tried the Huawei P20 pro for a day, beautiful phone, but not for me, so returned.Managed to get a BNIB XSmax, for just over half price, from a reputable seller, ( Last one) and sold my XR, for around three quarters that I paid for it. Even though the new iPhones will be...
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    I have Apple Phone/iPad/iMac/Laptop.The Air Pods are ok, but there are far better out there, for a quarter of the price, with longer Battery life, better sound integration etc.Once joined, they work the same as Air Pods, plus you have a choice of sound, lean towards treble/bass/forward Mids...
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    Clio 197/Megane 225 conversion review

    My 250 engine Meglio runs 320/340, no overheating on track, quick, reliable.I run the 225 box, because living in N/E Scotland,long distances give me longer gearing, betterMPG. I have bonnet vents, but they are never opened, even on track, are are NOT required. I do have holes, behind number...
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    Thoughts people...

    When Computer equipment goes wrong, quite often, its not worth repairing, particularly when its a few years old. The specs you are showing, shows you know what you are doing. Personally, I would start again, there ia plenty out there to choose from.
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    Clio's & Coffee @ EFI Parts

    Received reply, requesting which ECU fitted, answered, reply as yet.
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    Show us your track cars!

    Miserable old git at Anglesea.
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    Clio's & Coffee @ EFI Parts

    I sent email to EFI two days ago, still no reply
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    All 197/200’s on the forum. Get in here!

    My dirty Meglio.I drive 800yards, up a Forestry track, to get to a single track road, so gets dirty in around 800 yards!. Been faultless on Road/Track this year, more track days in September.