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Recent content by youngarthur

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    Clio with Rotrex super charger

    Driving from Thurso to the ring, is around 1200 miles one way in my Meglio, so I've kept the heavy Recaros,( For now.) and the aircon.At my age, I need a bit of comfort. One of the group runs a Caterham R500, but trailers it there.
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    Evo IX RS on Its way

    I had an FQ400, running 636bhp, lovely car, it loved eating gearboxes, if it went a week without problems, it was probably a miracle. It taught me not to go over the top with these sort of Conversions. These days, I run a meglio320/340, and its quicker than my ability to drive it. Given the...
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    NorthloopCup likes a challenge, right?

    I spent many hours in my youth, lapping in valves, and If I has £1 for every collet that pinged past me, never to be seen again, plus several permanent scars around my eyes?. AH the good old days.
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    Rear seat belts

    On the 197,the wiring is behind the O/Side quarter panel in the boot.Pull the plug, fit 3.9 resistors fixed my problems.
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    Immobiliser Issues - Please Help!

    For a lot of electrical faults, it is worthwhile looking at earthing points, as a bad earth somewhere can cause very weird problems. I also had a key problem, solved by sending spare key for repair.
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    Limp mode check injection

    You need to get it diagnosed. Someone telling you to change a Coil pack, won't necessarily fix it. What cylinder is it misfiring on?.
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    In you situation, if you want to go quicker, try a track day, and take some tuition, that will probably help you go faster, safely, on the road.
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    First track day advice for a 182

    Make sure fluids are all ok. Maybe get Brake Fluid changed. Make sure Brake pads are ok, and car is in generally good condition. Its not a race, take your time. If you are very nervous, hire an instructor for a couple of laps. their advice is invaluable. Most of all, relax, enjoy.
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    Hey guys

    Welcome to the forum. Lovely part of the world you live in. Living in Scotland, is a lot wetter and colder!.
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    Audio out on a BT Youview Box

    You can get an DAC converter on Amazon for £9.99, Optical one end,Phono on the other end, easy.
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    Hello noob Renault owner here!

    Hi Chris,Welcome to the Forum. The Fuse board will be marked with what the fuses are for. If not sure, remove one at a time, and you should see the wire between the contacts.When you find the broken one, replace like for like. You can of course, change the speakers, but having had...
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    Bonnet release mechanism

    Had a similar problem, solved with bonnet pins.
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    What do people spend on their cars ?

    At 79 years old, I run a Meglio. I have certainly spent more money than the car is worth. We all know people who spend thousands on their cars, BUT, it is their money, to do as they wish with it.Perhaps we should have a Track Day, with people who have over spent by X amount on their cars, and if...
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    How many people have you surprised with your clio?

    My Meglio is beyond my ability to use its full potential on track, and i would not explore its limits on the road.
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    Clio check injection

    It could be a sensor, or many other things. Get a Clip/dia. equipment to check, before you start throwing money at it.