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0.9 tce

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    Clio 0.9 TCE injectors.

    Hi guys, Recently bought a 0.9 TCE clio and so far quite enjoying it as a little run around. Have thought about doing little bits to it eventually, nothing major but understand it is a small engine and probably can't handle too much. The injectors - are they the same size as the ones...
  2. A

    Mk4 0.9 Tce Gearbox Oil

    Hi, I'm a brand new member here, and a brand new owner of a 0.9 TCe (2013 35,000 miles). So I decided to do an engine oil + filter change. A simple job I thought. However I made a stupid mistake and undid the gearbox oil drain plug instead of the sump plug! Before I'd realised what I'd done the...