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Clio 0.9 TCE injectors.

  Mk IV 0.9 Clio TCE
Hi guys,

Recently bought a 0.9 TCE clio and so far quite enjoying it as a little run around.

Have thought about doing little bits to it eventually, nothing major but understand it is a small engine and probably can't handle too much.

The injectors - are they the same size as the ones fitted in the 1.2 TCE 100? Ie would the 172 injectors fit into the 0.9? Had thoughts of uprating the injectors, giving it a stage one remap.

What other bits of kit are there out there other than your simple tuning boxes that could be fitted/added to the clio? Most of the parts I've seen floating about have been for the 1.2 TCE 100 and not much for the 0.9.

Anyone out there with any worked on 0.9's?



Tubbs Vice

ClioSport Club Member
Hi mate,

Apparently, some companies do offer remaps for these and they can see upwards of ~100bhp. As they have a tiny snail on them then the limiting factor will usually be that as it's not much bigger than a common household hairdryer on the 0.9. I'd stick with a remap first and then see what limiting factors come after that as I doubt injectors will be the first roadblock.

Your first roadblock would likely be the measly exhaust and restrictive cat as these are Euro 6 :)

Hope this helps in any way