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15 inch

  1. C

    Lowering springs for 15inch alloys Clio 182

    Hello, sorry if it's been asked but couldn't find it anywhere, looking to by some springs for Clio 182, what's the best brand for fitment on 15" alloys? Cheers
  2. ClioDude55

    Stancing a clio. What size rims?

    I’m gonna “stance” or at least lower my Clio mk2. What size rims looks good? Was thinking about 15 inch. Please post a pic if you have of a clio with 15-17 size wheels :)
  3. ClioDude55

    Clio mk2 lowering wheels

    Hello, Im gonna lower my clio mk2 and was thinking about 15 inch wheels. Anyone have pictures of how it looks? Or any other inch wheel if it would fit better :)